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Re: Maximum resolution

Big resolution can be a trap!
If you run big resolutions and everything seems to be fine, it doesn't mean, that you are able to reopen the file.

On my laptop, a 6GB 1060GTX 15" Gigabyte, a >4000x3000 resolution runs fluid with four layers.
But I can't reopen the file.
It seems to be same as my first tests I made on the 6GB Titan GTX three years ago.
I stay below 7.000.000 pixel.
That seems to be almost safe.
Better 6.000.000 on my sytems.
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Re: Maximum resolution

I still have to investigate what to do about that, but I've always said again and again: Verve has not been conceived to create high resolution poster printing art. I'm completely amazed that hardware has caught up so quickly to make something like this possible in the first place.
If I somehow get enough donations, I will certainly try to get a big graphics card myself so that I can investigate and improve performance at such high resolutions, but before then, I beg of you all, try to recognize and enjoy the power that it provides within reason, honestly. :shrug:
Here to help! :D
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Re: 4000x2500 surprize!

You sneaky devil!
I typically max out about 2500 wide before i get violation error and crash on my piddly little 5 year old 650m with 1 gb vram
Today Im able to save and open a 4000x2500 fact with 2 layers! ( 3 layers puts it over the edge )
2400x3600 is working pretty well which a format I tend to use.....the added detail I can see in textures is amazing!
Its sluggish and buttons delay in click response...... but it works! I can actually paint.
Well well well what a surprizel.....somebodys been busy optimizing their routines?
I really gots to get me a newer faster card!
although the incentive is getting less and less
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Re: Maximum resolution

Hmmm... :? ...not sure when you've tested it last, but I'm happy to hear that, of course! 8-)
If you want a real incentive to get a new card, just turn on High Speed and work with all bells and whistles at your highest resolution until the card goes up in flames! :twisted: :lol: ...then you really want a new one again! :PP

Nah, I'm super happy to hear that, Stavros! Thanks for sharing! :ob
Here to help! :D
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Re: Maximum resolution

Hello! I've had some health issues, I'm sorry I didn't check the replies sooner. Thanks to everyone, specially Taron! I think I did upset you, and probably by my poor choice of words in english. When I mentioned "deal breaker" I've said in the sense that I really would love to use Verve professionally in my illustrations. Despite of that, I'll soon donate because the program is already wonderful! I really didn't mean to sound arrogant. I read as much as I could here on the forum on the mechanics and I see that my specs are not good enough, specially since it relies mostly on the GFX card, and mine is out of date. I just wanted to understand the resolution "thing" and I didn't find the answer at the time. I've added my specs to my signature.

Sorry for any trouble. I hope I can contribute in a more positive way here on the forum.

Thank you again for your support and wonderful job.
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