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Re: bfreeze paint-slinger

Dayummm....that's such a massive, massive style! Fantastic, Bfreeze! I'll take blame all the way, but wouldn't dare take credit for your brilliant artwork! :bow:
Here to help! :D
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Re: bfreeze paint-slinger

YES! :bounce: Another master! Such a great work! :rock: :bow:

Your art is very inspiritave too. I think many of us will be very pleased if you can create a video through the process of your painting!
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Re: bfreeze paint-slinger

Oh - these pics are very lovely.
Great technique.
First pic is most appealing to me.
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Re: bfreeze paint-slinger

WOW!!!!! :rock:
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Re: bfreeze paint-slinger

Amazing work! Amazing style! Wanna see more.... :ob
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Re: bfreeze paint-slinger

One of my favorite movies and that captures Jack's personality perfectly :ob . Of course Kurt did a pretty damn good job of that also :D
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Re: bfreeze paint-slinger

Jack Burton * Like

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