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Re: dba's not dead !

thanks Ovn1 :bounce:

Thanks Taron. This kind words help me alot, especially for this spontaneous approach of painting which is really not my comfort zone.

Would you believe that Verve is such a great experiment for me that it prompted me to try real painting with real acrylic ?! My only experience concerning traditional art is limited to drawing and I have no clue how one use real brush :D When I started to publish comics, off course, doing traditionals colors wasn't an option. To much time, to much work. Soon enough, I started also to draw directly on computer. The result is I forgot about reality. Until now, when playing with Verve made me realize how I missed real matter.
For now, the result on paper or wood is absolutely disastrous :PP , I have no patience at all (can you imagine there is no undo function on real brush ?! ) but it doesn't matter at all. The important thing is, no software ever made me feeling so close to a real feeling that it would be natural to test for real in the same way ! I'm quite sure I will never abandon computer for creation, and I don't want to spend time for learning about real painting (tubes and all the hardware is to much expansive), it's just about pleasure, feeling, and a fantastic dialogue between virtual and real. Reintroducing the body in the process. Verve was the exact bridge it needed.
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Re: dba's not dead !

Hey I feel exactly the same! :beer:
Verve is indeed a bridge between natural media and digital painting.
I know Verve is not trying to mimic traditionnal, like some other painting application.
But fluids are part of nature so Verve is surely the most accurate painting application to provide traditional flavor!
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Re: dba's not dead !

A very quick Hello, just to show you how much Verve brought to me. The picture posted here has not been done with Verve but with real traditionnal acrylic painting on real canvas. I would never dare to try real painting without the pleasure Verve gave me first. At some point I suddenly felt I needed to experiment for real if I wanted to understand how to make better digital images. I dont think I'll go very far on that path, real painting is expensive and frustrating on so many levels for a geek like me :D But, what a pleasure it is to mess with real textures ! I'll need to play with natural media more often in order to refuel the digital potential !
Adam's return
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Re: dba's not dead !

Nice! :P
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Re: dba's not dead !

Waha, that's so awesome! It totally looks like Verve at first glance! c:!
Absolutely cool! 8-) and WELCOME BACK!
Here to help! :D
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Re: dba's not dead !

2001 revival! c:! :ob ;)
Is beautiful that please without concept!
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Re: dba's not dead !

welcome back dba! :D You are braver than I am. My art teachers managed to whip me for exactly two traditional paintings when I was young lol. When I did the second one I think I had more paint on me than the painting did :shock: I like the theme and the story within the painting. The title "Adams Return" meshes with the content perfectly and evokes a vignette :D This is fun for me to see. It seems to have a hint of Jeff Jones in a brighter, more colorful mood and definitely Metal Hurlant? (I know it as Heavy Metal). c:!
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Re: dba's not dead !

How interesting this thread of dba's gallery turned out to be. I continued my quest of exploring this forum threads one by one, and this one quickly stands out.
What a specific verve paintings - especially the first Witch! dba certainly got unique style and atmosphere setups in his verve-paintings.
Great philosophy readable as well here :geek:
I can only encourage anyone surf through this thread to see good example of greatly 'packed' this forum's thread.

dba, are you still here :? ?

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