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Re: Watch me grow! : Mary's Sketchbook

I like it very much, the newest sunrising-landscape image is very very nice, looks like a photo :o
only the shadow of the tree I thinks thats not 100% correct (to dark and to clean in ym eyes)? or? Have you a reference-photo? :roll:

the other images I like also :hug:
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Re: Watch me grow! : Mary's Sketchbook

Uh, I love the floating islands there, hehe, great! The flower is sweet, too, and I totally share your pleasure regarding the tree and bushes, hehe, aren't those fun!!! c:! ...three things show also the magic of painting, I can relate!
Zero, the "latest sunrise", as far as I've understood, is the reference Mary used. I almost like her take on it better, because it shows artistry in a more natural way, if you asked me, hehe. c:! :)
Here to help! :D
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Re: Watch me grow! : Mary's Sketchbook

Very good idea to get back on tutorial practices!
I love the trees & bushes c:!
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Re: Watch me grow! : Mary's Sketchbook

These last are wonderful studies Mary c:! :ob
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Re: Watch me grow! : Mary's Sketchbook

So many great pictures!!
That's my fav:

Really love it.

Keep it coming!!
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Re: Watch me grow! : Mary's Sketchbook

> That's my fav: FB_IMG_1546229365281.jpg

Agreed!!! So amazing and beautiful. Thank you soooo much for uploading - the bezier of the lake reflections ebb past my screen, down to ruin the keyboard, and those highlights fool my peripheral vision, sneaking to the back of my mind. Can almost feel the moisture between the lake and the clouds. Have you made any tuts for these techniques? This is really amazing work, thank you for sharing.
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Re: Watch me grow! : Mary's Sketchbook

Hey Zero, Knacki, borjonx "FB_IMG_1546229365281" is the ref of the previous posted picture "2019-01-06 - sunset - small"
which is my fav artwork here, I like too the bob ross one.
Mary, I like very much the subtle way you painted the water reflections there,
you already noticed that the mountain reflections are sortof on still water,
I just would add adding a bright contour to the sun, I can see the cloud behind it very clearly which is sortof rare.
please post more of them, congrats.
PD: perhaps you could link your refs as plain text links, so the people on the forum don't get confused xD. congrats again.
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