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Hello guys

Here is my latest verve painting :) I love using Verve. It does not feel like using a tool as such because the controls are so simple. I also tend to use the same settings and brush through the whole painting. So its just choosing colors, painting and blending. For me what makes Verve so great is the feel of the blend brush and makes it stand out from all other painting applications I have tried.

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Re: Jaws

WAH! :shock:
So cool! :scared: 8-)
Thank you so much, I absolutely love reading that and seeing that, of course! :tu: You are talking about exactly what thrills me so much about Verve's nature and what keeps making me want to turn it fully into what it just has to become. c:!

WELCOME to the forum, in case I didn't get to welcome you, yet, but even then... welcome again! :beer:
Here to help! :D
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Re: Jaws

I love him! Sharks are beautiful creatures, although poorly judged :) still a nice portrait though, maybe he is smiling!
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Re: Jaws

What a beast! :shock:
Is beautiful that please without concept!
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Re: Jaws

Nice Artwork ;)
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