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Re: Love the shaders!!!

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Re: Love the shaders!!!

TBA_Volunteer2c0085z2c.jpg (207.27 KiB) Viewed 2163 times

This is only partially Verve, but I wanted to upload it because I've enjoyed it so much. I "painted" a colorful piece in Verve, took it into my 3D software & made a simple picture frame for it in a simple 3D space. I repeated the render et al then my daughter finished her acting camp as the Red Queen from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland so I put her in the foreground of the final render, then took it back into Verve with Fluidity maximum & drying disabled to experiment w/a little integration.

I'm still learning all this, but the similarities and sharp contrasts between ray traced reflection/refraction/shadow rendering, and the beautiful possibilities of Verve's particle system based approach just blows my mind. I'm beside myself.

Here's me. --> and here's me.

Thank you so much for making it available Taron.
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Re: Love the shaders!!!

Thank you, borjonx, that is an appealing combination indeed! c:! Besides, what a beautiful daughter you have! :o Congratulations! :)
I've recently started playing with ShaderToy online, which inspires me to goof around some more with this, maybe adding some experimental stuff to Verve again, too! :hyper:
Anyway... great stuff, beautiful color choices all around and what a girl! :D
Here to help! :D
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Re: Love the shaders!!!

congrats borjonx
great composition, I like the way you kinda reflected the picture backwards many times.
btw exporting a Verve painting into a 3D app can be done using the displacement render,
I would suggest looking how rcpongo did it. Though this particular way is very interesting
I mean the way you brought back and forth your verve painting and paint over it many times.
Didn't you missed loosing some of the texture?
congrats again.
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Re: Love the shaders!!!

I replaced the image above w/the finished one - it's basically the same but includes a couple tweaks & the acting co's logo. As far as losing some texture - I didn't explain very well. I first painted that bright orange/pinkish painting in Verve, then I put it in the left picture frame in my 3D world. In the right picture frame I put this Verve piece: and threw in some hollow crystal spheres (just for reflection/refraction/specularity, etc) and rendered that out in Lightwave3D w/ray recursion = 16. Then I took that rendered piece & used it in the right picture frame & rendered again, repeating.

Then for the final render I put Avalon(the Red Queen) into the scene & rendered one last time in Lightwave. The funny thing about that method is that since she's actually in the physical scene, her reflections are picked up in the 5 spheres in that scene, but not any of the previously rendered scene spheres (in the right picture frame).

Then I took that final render back into Verve & painted a little with no drying, max fluidity, lots of buildup (LOVE THE 3D BUILD-UP TARON!!!) etc. I'm also using SHIFT more & more to just push paint around; that in itself is an empowering painting technique. The trippy part of that final Verve paint/push session was realizing how smooth the lower left sphere could be drawn out to veins, like roots from a tree.

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