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Re: dba's doodles on Verve

Thanks Pai

extract from the manual :
:!: [Shift] + [F2] turns on Adjust Canvas Area. Hit [Shift]+[F2] again to confirm the changes! Hit [F2] alone to cancel the changes!
:!: - Grab the corners with [LMB] to adjust the crop area freely and [RMB] to keep proportions!
:!: - Grab the edges to just adjust the chosen edge!
:!: - Hold [Alt] to adjust crop area symmetrical around original canvas center!
:!: - Grab inside the crop area to move the whole crop area!
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Re: dba's doodles on Verve

This thread was super-fun to dig through. Sadly, again, seems like another (understandable) 'victim' of time on internet-landscape. dba's presented verve-drawings were so unique.
I think any verve-painter could get something, some impulses to do their magic in verve once they would took careful look at this thread's verve-paintings. That hazy forest painting
was something special :o !

8 years since last post, which on internet means something in close approximation to zero % probabilities that we might hear from this channel again, i guess. If an artist would gift
this forum with at least one special painting in one-two years - that would already be great addition to this rich, small, secret forum. Sad to see this thread ending abruptly on page 6 :( ...
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Re: dba's doodles on Verve

Oh yes, dba was fantastic! Such fond memories. I hope he's still active somewhere, such a talent. If so, I really hope he'll stumble across what I'll release next and will feel inspired by it again!
Here to help! :D
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Re: dba's doodles on Verve

Yes Intars, Taron, is sad to read these lines above. That forest landscape was something special.
Most likely what happened is that dba was somehow absorbed by the system requirements, you know, system requires that people must have a full time job, a chubby bank account, etc
In my case I've been dealing with teaching in schools due to the pandemic, now they throw at us, artists, the AI challenger. But I'm still alive. Nice to hear from you man, n hope someday us, digital Avant-garde artists, can make this little forum our home.
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