Hi my name Winterwurst

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Hi my name Winterwurst

Did a quick sketch before going to work this morning! Dunno what it is, a crossbread of a horse and a tapir? Haha dang, I should have looked at some references. Preeeetty sure the ears are wrong and the nose could have been longer for a tapir. Anyway! Just testing around how I get this very dry and bristly texture of which I'm a big fan. Hope I'm not breaking too many rules of traditional arts with my thick layers of paint haha, but it looks soo cool, like you can almost feel it's hide now! Like you can feel it!!

tapir.jpg (203.02 KiB) Viewed 10008 times

The only 1 undo always gets me though, I'm so spoiled by the luxury of the digital medium. But I guess it's a good exercise. I mean there's no undos in real life, right?

Pff.. real life, what a foreign concept that is.

I'll post some more sketches if time allows...
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Re: Hi my name Winterwurst

Absolutly convaincing! c:!
Is beautiful that please without concept!
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Re: Hi my name Winterwurst

I am losing my mind for anticipation what this gem of a thread will become! :hyper: :shock: :hyper:
I really love your style, your understanding, your intuition. It really feels like you can just whip those beauties up, because you know. You just know. I admire your skill and feel akin to it, had I allowed myself to continue painting more. But it takes every bit of love and passion to get to where you are and relentless exploration.
Oh, Winterwurst... you make me hungry for MORE!!! :D
Thank you for coming on board! :beer:

PS: Oh, I can feel it, too! And I'm 100% with you!
Here to help! :D
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Re: Hi my name Winterwurst

A pleasure to look at.
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Re: Hi my name Winterwurst

Something keeps echoing in my brains... along with a whole bunch of strange emotions. It's a bit like I'm being punked. Please, take this as a compliment, but this like you are me from another time, like this was actually... uhm. I tell you what, I'm so overworked, so without breaks hammering away on two massive coding projects, none of which are yet saving us, even if hope keeps us going. Hopes to make enough things right to let it all make sense. But my mind is full. And I sincerely hope you're releasing me from my strange feelings regarding this one, which almost really feels like it was my own post from years ago?!? :shock: ...where's the emoji that looks super skeptical?!? :tantrum:

Punked or not punked? :uhuhuh:
Here to help! :D
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Re: Hi my name Winterwurst

it looks fantastic :beer:
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Re: Hi my name Winterwurst

welcome to the forum Winterwurst.
cool artwork, the 3d texture is outstanding.
it looks like some sort of demon or gargoyle creature to me,
it has something dark in it, in conjuction with a sort of Wason smile.
hope to see more of it, congrats Winterwurst
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Re: Hi my name Winterwurst

Very cool. It could definitely be used as a texture but the subject is outstanding c:!
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