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DIY Wacom Cintiq

PostPosted: Thu May 14, 2015 2:24 pm
by Tartan
This is for people like me who love DIY. I have been looking at Cintiqs and as usual I am put off by the outrageous prices on Wacom products. I have been considering the DIY route. The skill set for making one is not particularly demanding. A little soldering, a little filing, depending on the type monitor used. The parts for one don't have to cost an arm and a leg either. Cheap used monitors can be found as can cheap used Wacom tablets capable of doing the project. You might need to buy a soldering gun. With luck I think it is possible to obtain the parts for under $300. A soldering gun may throw that estimate off. For cheap parts think Ebay or Amazon or Goodwill or flea markets, Craig's list etc. That's for the U.S. I know other countries have equivalent choices.

I believe other tablets such as Huions can be used as well but I would do extensive research on the web first. Most of the builds I have seen involve wacoms.

Here are a few links if interested. One of them is commercial but not heavily so and the only items they sell are enclosures to house the build and they are cheap also but Not needed. There are a lot of builds that don't use enclosures at all. It is however a Very informative site.

First do a web search for DIY Cintiqs. You will pull up a Lot of links to explore :D

Some images of different builds ... &FORM=IGRE

This one is interesting because it involves woodwork also

and finally

Hope this helps!