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Please, include some information about your computer setup (desktop or laptop, graphics hardware, OS)! That will help a great deal to figure out troubles, if there were some.
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Re: Dev Diary

Ahahaha, if all goes well, it'll be one heck of a Santa year in that regard, hahaha! :lol:

Yep, the Cintiq Companion has an Intel HD 4000, which should be used for modern pocket calculators and not any actual display tasks. :evil: ...I'm not yet sure what exactly it is good for, but openGL it is not! Verve runs on the Cintiq and my new version makes the fluids almost bearable, but it still is no joy in my eyes. The delay of the pen is annoying and unpleasant...which sounds like the same, but once you try it, you know that that's two aspects worthy of mentioning! But the whole handling of this thing is still foreign to me and somehow nothing seems to motivate me to wanting to get used to it at all.
A trusty old Intuos3 on my desktop machine is by endless means more enjoyable...truly enjoyable for that matter...and altogether that had about the same price as the cintiq! :roll:

Maybe a few years from now some company decides to seriously rival wacom and their bizarre opportunism when it comes to that niche, or for some reason they decide to become the good guys "again" (because in my eyes I've loved them from even before the Intuos days and only continued to love them more until my Intuos3) ...but can it be so hard to put a decent gfx card into these things?!? It's just weird. I wonder if there's some way to upgrade it somehow, swap out the garbage card for a respectable one?
Here to help! :D
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Re: Dev Diary

I would say: if mobile is not a must, go for a big cintiq. Maybe a used one.
It seems to take some time untill one gets serious graphic power in a tablet format.
As long as everyone things all this stuff has to be smaller than 15" - stupid untill technique is really small enough imho.
Companion is surprisingly huge though, not that much smaller than my old 21" cintiq.
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Re: Dev Diary

Hey following your conversation on the portable device (cintiq companion)
I am currently using graphics intel HD4000, windows 8.1, on a surface pro (AUD550 student price)
and quite good to use with verve. opengl and all . I will add these specifications to your graphics shout out thread as well :)
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Re: Dev Diary

That's very nice to hear! Thanks, charmei! :D
The price sounds a lot more reasonable, that's for sure!
Thanks for adding it to the specs thread! :)
Here to help! :D
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Re: Dev Diary

Hello, I was wondering if there's a way to import an existing image such as Jpeg, Png or Tiff or similar, to start messing with that? I saw a way to load a Verve project but not a raster image. Perhaps just grabbing it from Clipboard would be enough to get started using Verve with Dogwaffle.
Great stuff, by the way, absolutely delightfully awesome!
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Re: Dev Diary

Hey Philip, that's you, isn't it!? Yeah, well...not yet, I'll work out the import eventually. Blitzmax doesn't support anything above 8bit, really, therefore I have to write my own loaders as I did with the saver already. The second part will be the choice of interpretation as Verve has it's own way of dealing with color, having the additional material layer. I'm planning on offering things such as choosing a color channel (including alpha) to control material amounts and setting value ranges, importing heightmaps and so on... for that I need a proper second interface layer, which is the other reason for why it takes me so long to finally go at it. But it will come!

Welcome to the forum, of course! :)
Here to help! :D
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Re: Dev Diary

It's time again for the Dev Diary...I keep neglecting this beautiful thread! :roll:

After long last I finally looked into layer modes again and figure out my stupidity with "multiply". I accidentally inverse multiplied the alpha as well, which was the root of all evil. On top of that I totally ignored that in the actual merge process, which is shockingly near irresponsible and shameful. :oops:
But here we's all good now...almost at least. :? :)

The next big thing are different merge methods as well as more blending modes, of course. While I am at that I should finally hook up a scroll bar to the layers, even though layers are really not the strong suit of Verve thus far. :evil:
In reality that's not too shocking, because who has layers on an actual oil painting or the likes. That's the challenge there to come up with an elegant way of combining the digital privileges to traditional expectations. But I shall think of various solutions or options for that matter.

All that reminds me of the big mask matter, which I should eventually tackle as well. Verve sits on things I know by heart, aka fluids and shaders (by now), but has its head way up in the universe of things I've never done before. That's the curse and the beauty of it. All I can ask you for is to bare with me, bring some patience and forgive my frequent updates.

The virus killer madness may never end, although it seems like many have come to cope with it somehow. Maybe at some point I will try to figure out how to make a common installer, even if that might be a silly inflation of the file size, but at such small sizes that probably won't matter anyway. I'm just silly that way! :P

I'm having some joy in making the forum a bit nicer, too, which is yet another hat I'm wearing. I don't mind it at all, but I'm a little worried about the long run, because I would feel a lot safer, if a webmaster other than myself would eventually make sure this thing keeps running, if I run out of steam or should focus more on the development of Verve in the time I have for it. When I look at Roberto on CGSociety's Daily Sketch Forum, I'm in awe at his consistency, even if it does seem to overwhelm him every now and then. His dedication is exemplary, really. Kudos and my admiration! :ugeek:

Maybe at some point I will make a "todo" list, just to get an overview of all the things I'm doing and seek praise and adoration for my unstoppable commitment or seek punishment for my insane dedication whilst hurling myself into a bared, hopeless confusion... one of those things. :lol:

Hmmm, yeah, let's do that:

The interface
  • a proper font
  • floating interface sections, normed for easy customization, collapse/expand, labels, resizing (oh god!) :shock:
  • activation logic for overlapping interface elements
  • all remaining gadget types: pop up menu, sliders, mini sliders, numeric entry, selectors, generic areas for text, images or the likes
  • various specialized gadgets (color pallet, light control, brush preview, brush alpha editing/preview...loads of things)
  • potentially replacing all windows standards for file IO and such... *potentially!

The Canvas
  • canvas texture logic for brush-paint-canvas interaction
  • canvas creation or selection
  • layer to canvas it would be silly, if any layer above another would only see the canvas and not the paint below, for example
  • fluid on canvas interaction (which crosses over into the "todo" for the fluids.)

The Fluids
  • proper dispersion
  • proper absorption
  • recognition of underlying irregularities, aka canvas and paint buildup
  • more elegant mixing and drying behaviors, recognizing the state of the materials (how dry is the existing paint) onto which one paints.

The Guides
  • various different types of grids and guides
  • snapping to guides
  • editing display properties of them (color, blending, fading...)
  • organizing them for saving/loading individual guides or a bundle of them
  • label guides ...oh dear, so much stuff
  • crazy extra guides that will remain a surprise! ;)

Oh crap, this is a lot of stuff! :lol: :o

But we have time, don't we! :|

I don't even want to know right now what all of you will add to that list, haha, but in all fairness, the above is just from the top of my, what on earth is fair about that? :shock:
Here to help! :D
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Re: Dev Diary

A ten years after work! :)
And minute 2.02 they use Verve! :mrgreen:

Is beautiful that please without concept!
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Re: Dev Diary

DDDAAAAYYYYUMMM! Hell of a to do list :shock: i am torn between excited anticipation and reverent sympathy for your arduous undertaking :? :D
it really breaks my heart, but, we both know, that i will add burden to this vast accumulation, sooner or later :oops:
Heck, tileable texture painting :twisted:

Really a fascinating read, thanks for sharing!
So very cool that you got right onto merging, really a most anticipated feature of mine and i got quite sad when i read that it may never come.

"Installer" sounds good somehow, too ... If you would release patch updates then for it instead of full versions my Wacom settings thingy may does not get out of wack anymore? :P

Taron wrote: ... who has layers on an actual oil painting or the likes

:roll: :lol:

Right, let me end this wacky, yet, confident post then with a deep bow and an reassuring smirk. ;) :lol:
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Re: Dev Diary

Wehehellll, that was just the stuff I don't like that much... :lol: :roll:
The list for the stuff I really love is easy as long, if not longer than that! :D

Eh...tile-able textures you can paint right now. I'll add that you can paint on any tile, but other than that... go right ahead, [f4] gets you there! ;)
The tiles I've mentioned up there are in regards to saving methods, which would permit larger formats. That won't make them run faster for the fluids, but at least they could then be saved properly. :oops:

Anyhow, thanks you guys! :D ...I appreciate the sympathy! :)
Here to help! :D
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