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Re: Hey there,...

Well, that makes you instantly my supertreasure! ;) :lol:
Yes, I really hope you get a machine with a decent graphics card very soon! Preferably Nvidia, really, I can recommend them very much. If you're on a budget, I'm sure something like my GTX 970 should be fairly cheap these days and is beautiful. I'm very happy!

Well, Verve had never tried to do anything too complex, but work with the spirit of fluid dynamics in the most direct way possible. That brought certain concessions in its behavior, which are very unusual for "proper" paint apps, but allow for a far more natural experience along the way. I will continue to explore more options, also involving more common procedures, but I will most certainly always maintain access to the nature of it as it is now, too. Many things are still itching to be discovered and explored, which makes me so very deeply happy. Above all I'm happy I can share it with you and get the privilege to welcome new artists here just like you!

Welcome again and ....oh my, I got a phone call and didn't even get to finish this post????? I'm so sorry, haha. There was like one last word missing! :PP :lol:
Here to help! :D
System Info: NVidia Gforce GTX 970, 2x 8core Xeon (2.67 Ghz), Windows 7