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Re: Hey there,...

Ohoho, good thing I wrote "temporary" or should've said "preliminary". Currently you have to hit [k] to activate it and [k] again to get out of it. This then activates the mask. BUT it's inverted. With this lasso you select the protected area. It's just happenstance, because I wanted to test my lasso routine to create values. For traditional lasso you then have to invert the mask with [ctrl]+[shift]+[q].
If you want to get rid of the lasso outline you will have to hit [k] twice, which activates and deactivates it again. The mask will still be active, though! Toggle the mask active state with [q].

1. [k] activates lasso - now you draw your lasso selection
2. [k] ends lasso drawing and activates mask, but the lasso selection is the mask and not the hole in the mask
3. [ctrl]+[shift]+[q] inverts the mask and now it's similar to how you know it from photoshop, for example.
4. [k] and again [k] toggles lasso mode on and off and removes the lasso outline, but the mask still exists and is active (as indicated by the little glowing red star button in the lower right corner next to the red mask button.
5. [q] to toggle mask active off

NOTHING of it will stay that way, do not worry! I will make this a real feature with proper implementation. You are playing with a quick test and proof of concept, but nothing more. Later it will get all the bells and whistles such as feathering and boolean operations just the way you know it.
Here to help! :D
System Info: NVidia Gforce GTX 970, 2x 8core Xeon (2.67 Ghz), Windows 7