Why can't we save it as vector?

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Why can't we save it as vector?

I remember it was mentioned in one of the update videos that verve uses vector in order to create the shapes so I'm wondering why can't the image be saved as a vector and is being rasterised? it would be really useful if there would be a vector option so you could resize and downsize as much as you want.
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Re: Why can't we save it as vector?

Are you talking about Normal Vectors? Yes, I keep ignoring that request, but not on purpose...I'm thinking about other priorities. However, it would be next to no problem at all to offer the export of a normal map, sure. It's not high in priority, because my main focus is on creating art directly in Verve, which includes adequate post effects and all that. Normal maps are mostly interesting, if you intend to use it for the creation of textures for use in 3d. I happily did so even for professional projects, but I didn't need normal map export, since the height map provides everything already. Unlike 3d models, which create smooth normals that don't describe actually geometry and therefore have to offer a normal map export, if you wanted to use the results in that way, Verve has literal pixel geometry, where every pixel simply is where it is in 3d space. Thus, you can compute the normals via the height map output, while at the same time you have everything you need for a proper displacement map already.

Anyway, wow, I wrote a bit much...yeah, I will hook it up eventually! ;)
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