V99_23 Record function feedback

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Re: V99_23 Record function feedback

Taron wrote: Right now you can only move the center of your recording with your mouse. Man, I pretty much forgot how again, haha.

pressing CTRL while playback ;)

Any chance to edit the record? Even in code without interface? 8-) :bounce:
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Re: V99_23 Record function feedback

You're talking about scripting, too? Yeah, most definitely part of the plan.
But creating real time controls could be great fun. I once had a request for midi controller mapping and WILL make that happen 100%. I even thought about mapping events to note keys, if so desired, from simple color swatch selection to possibly script executions. Controlling any and all parameters with mapped midi controllers is the main idea, though. I can't- and can- imagine how amazing it must be to control RGB values alone with real sliders or dials or even a mod matrix. Imagine you had a stick controller like on a Korg keyboard and would use that for the color wheel, hahaha, that would be incredible.
But, yes, I already know how and I most certainly will. BUT it's highly questionable, whether I will put that into the free version. I must make a massive move forward now as soon as possible. You, Knacki, however, will have nothing to worry about "for life", among a selection of people, who may be able to imagine! :hug:
Here to help! :D
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