Option metallic changes not just brush, also whole picture

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Option metallic changes not just brush, also whole picture

Hi Taron

Is it possible to change only the metallic brush properties from the moment you change them, and not for the whole picture at once?

I was just experimenting and now my whole canvas is shiny and metallic, not just the last brush strokes i painted.
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Re: Option metallic changes not just brush, also whole pictu

Well, you can see that this is a layer property! You can always add another layer and only change this one to metallic. B U T you wrote a prophetic request there, hehehe, because I was planning on reworking the paint concept, allowing for explicit paint properties, such as metallic, translucent and even transparent (refractive), actually, because it's not a far cry for it to be possible and it could be very exciting. However, this will have to wait. Plenty of other things with urgent priority. Chief of them is the GUI itself, which will get a fundamental rework.

THANKS, though, and WELCOME TO THE FORUM! :beer:
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