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Monitor Suggestions...

Hi everyone,

today my precious HP ZR30w appears to have died, which I was starting at for the better part of 9 years, I believe. Yes, it had some curious burns, evenly spread across the screen for most of those years and there always had been 2 dead pixels, but I still loved it. Now it won't turn on anymore, giving just a brief power LED flick only to go off again. Unplucking the power cord and putting it back in will repeat the effect, but leaving it in and turning the monitor off and back on from the rear won't do anything anymore. So, yeah... seems like its power supply might be dead. :PP
Though I literally don't have any money right now to buy a new one, I still try to look at possible candidates for when I may have the funds again to buy one. But which one might be the right choice?
Today's monitors are quite a bit advanced again, from HDR to 100Hz and stunningly common 4k up until crazy 8k (which I don't care about right now). Even 30inch seems rare these days, mostly offering 27 or 32inchs with little in between. I'm a little bit at a loss as to what would be the most reliable, pleasant for the eye and best color range and accuracy choice of a monitor? :shrug:

Any experience of yours will be great to hear about and I'd be thrilled to get a few suggestions to look into! :shock:

Thanks in advance: :beer:
Here to help! :D
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Re: Monitor Suggestions...

Not sure that is the more adapted but who knows! :)
Is beautiful that please without concept!
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Re: Monitor Suggestions...

Maybe you can give a chance for Eizo? I'm happy, they have also some 'low budget' screens too - I'm happy with this one: ... ll_reviews

But my Screen is old too and 24" bit to small, so I have a second old screen....

Maybe this will be good for you?! EV3237-BK

EV= Ecoview are 'cheap' and I hope for you fine enough*? but they have also very expensive models too ... ... ips-panel/

Why I should pay 1500€ for 100% perfect images, if I can get 99% perfect images with 500€ :D
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