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Re: amazed by verve

feels good to be on the same planet with you! :hug:
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Re: amazed by verve

Very nice done, love very much the elephants
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Re: amazed by verve

That was one heck of an impressive collage of verve-paintings. You almost made a comic book there.
I don't know why but the first one in third row (from above), the orange-reddish men/woman either with something in his hand or over the dress stood out for me.
Those black & whites further below are also kind of great, especially one in middle - you see there some person with a book. That grainy look - how you actually pull that one off in verve?
Is it brush 3,4 or 5 with some bias settings? Style looks great to me - as if drawn with chalk powder and some pencil by art academy masters. Something that looks really traditional in very good way.

And drawing some friendly animals doesn't hurt anyone - i liked those elephants too ;) .

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Re: amazed by verve

Very nice paintings :)
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Re: amazed by verve

I love these! :D
I feel there could be stories behind these simple and bold strokes.
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Re: amazed by verve

I have to agree. Not only am I seeing great art, I am seeing a storyboard c:! :)
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