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PostPosted: Wed Aug 29, 2018 12:49 pm
by pudjakjuzto

Re: Intars' gallery

PostPosted: Thu Aug 30, 2018 12:47 pm
by Intars
To elaborate even more on thesis of localized vibrations - you probably have heard/ read how in quantum physics
the folks learned to think about subatomic matter as a mere "probability mist" 8-)
The atom in that sense is localised most probable clump of maximum probability at given time ---> thus no concrete
fixed, structurally crystal tight non-vibrating reality on low-level of matter. Its as if your computer BIOS bits would
always slightly appear/disappear/reappear while not endangering whole system on macro-level, which even 'has no
idea' what a trembling is actually taking on on its lowest level.

In regard of brain programming, i absolutely hold on that we have no free will. But in a such sense don't have it, which
it doesn't imply 100% determined and hence already sort of predicted 'mechanics' of your file from the moment you just
been born into society. No, no - not that. Its different. And i don't even mean biological instincts - i tend to think that
it is very poor, massively misused and misunderstood word 'instinct'; i prefer another description of some inescapabilities/
similar reappearances of similar and alike universal behavior patterns in humans ---> a biological, energical reaction to action under set of environmental parameters.

Ethics and behavior is a function of a situation; its as if we can talk of "situational ethics" in life form; that is - it is procedural, changeable system.
So, all advertising signs and signals in public domain space here comes as an installed virus and malware attack hardware in a war against your
humanoid default brain which doesn't born with a pre-selected set of appetite towards infinite materialism. This achievement is the work of current
priesthood, they like how this toxic waste is working on a human brain, making priests richer. Many people's energy is sucked out, hardly they are
left with time and support to practice curiosity of how quarks works and how nature vibrates on sub-atomic level to get sense of BIOS of our macroworld
operating system, so to speak.

I liked that post of empty window. It looks as clean canvas - a post that reminds us we are experimental art forum :roll:

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 30, 2018 2:14 pm
by Taron
To me, quantum physics always feels like a monkey sniffing on a gun, or so, a certain type of naivety. Without having a proper concept for the processes in prior dimensions, which always have to evaluate for every "moment" of existence, starting "from scratch", so to say, they will never understand properly what they are looking at, when they conclude that it's merely a "probability mist". Thing is, they're looking at the conclusions stack of all prior dimensions without any possible handle on what had to happen before it actually manifests our reality. Just today I thought of another neat example to illustrate what I mean with the classic approach of the two dimensional being. Imagine there was a 2d being, running in a circle, while the ground keeps moving up (imagine the ground being out of glass for the sake of illustration). In 3d we could see a tube rather than a guy running in circles while the ground shifts upwards. Now imagine the 2d guy keeps flashing a light every now and then. In 3d we could see a tube with bright spots and could simply point at them. If the 2d guy would want to find out when and where he was flashing the light and he had a chance to talk to a 3d guy, the 3d guy could very simply point it out. But only if the 3d guy knew that there was a 2d guy running in circles, flashing a light, could he begin to ponder over why or even just how the 2d guy is doing that.

Anyway, now as for "free will". I believe, it's a total misinterpretation for the longest time. Free will doesn't refer to matters of choice, but refers to matters of binding to a collective by means of "instincts" (just a word to summarize observed behavior, stinging into something, acting on a given impulse). For example, animals of a certain group have a certain behavior, bound to parameters that are relevant to their survival and so on. They do not have to imagine a choice, but can rely on their fundamental programming to choose without much question. Humans are unbound, or relatively unbound for that matter. As a result their will is not formulated by a clear group concept. But humans are the first incarnation into this kind of "life without a safety net", so to say. As a result we still look for binding, look for belonging. That's also where "religion" comes into play. The literal translation of "religion" is to rebind, thus going against the very trade that makes us human! Some of us may make a conscious effort against those lingering "instincts", and those fall out of the norm in either direction: weaker or stronger, more confused or more secure. However, free will does not refer to absence of determination. In fact, if anything, we may predetermine our purpose before we're even born into flesh, but still need to be adaptive and flexible enough to find a use and a path for it in an evolving environment full of changes.

OH, I like your last paragraph about the toxic waste from the current priesthood, hahaha, that's all too right. :lol: :ob
Thing is, we are still all wondering through the dark in this physical world. So much we do not and even cannot understand, possibly ever. Every time we talk about it together, though, we increase the chances to get at least further along, at least finding ourselves again for what we truly are and truly want and possibly enough of an answer to "why" so that we can strengthen our focus and our determination.

And, oh yes, we are an art forum with plenty of experimentation. Just what I love! :hug:

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 30, 2019 1:23 pm
by Intars
I brought this new image here for me and for you, folks :bow:

Almost year passed already since i have been around here and with some gifts and created drawing goodies :cry:
But i was missing due to good reason - my studies in university in computer science. Being 33 already, i must confess of
what a drag and tournament it is to undergo studies in such age in modern times, crazy, tournament-like university workflow :?
Now, as a good student, i am relaxing (more like recovering :ud: ) whole summer and now i found time for what i was silently holding
onto in my head continuously - to bring to some daylight some new works with majestic vervePaint. I certainly don't know what this
image is, even more to tell - waaay back in August 2016 i made pencil sketch of whole image with no apparent reason nor story behind
character. Then, few months ago, during semester some weekend i started to work on imported into vervePaint sketch of whole drawing
and brush by brush colorizing and forming it. Then, until this summer, i again had to pause all the meticulous work :cry: ....and now today it is finished.

For the first time i tested for work verve version 0.99. I did stumbled during process on one small, peculiar, very interesting 'odd behaviour' of vervePainter.
Although i do not have screenshot at hand, i can try to describe it in words - it was as if sometimes some brush in situation of small brush size + other coincidental
settings instead of painting pixels/ putting color onto canvas creates a sort of 'black hole' at the center of cursor. And the more you try to paint around, or even paint
over that 'black hole', the blackness only grows around it, taking any neighbor color pixels with it :lol:

What helps is avoiding and leaving such black hole to itself. I even found it funny. Its size was really small after all, some 20x20 pixels - its not a trouble. I smeared them away in Gimp.
So, here is new vervePainting:

Re: Intars' gallery

PostPosted: Wed Jul 31, 2019 8:37 pm
by eduardobedoya
Glad to see you are back Intars, good one, hope to see more of your artworks.

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 04, 2019 4:31 pm
by Taron
Well, you are coming back with a vengeance! WELCOME BACK! :beer:
Tournament or torment?!? :lol: ...which ever it is, you have managed to pull of a really nice masterpiece after all! c:!

As for the "black holes", that's nothing new, but I thought I had fixed it, so that's a bit strange. However, there are a few ways to fix them, but it's been so long since last I had those, that I can't fully remember all of them properly. Anyway, I really thought I had fixed those for a while now... hmmm... :shrug:

However, YAY to having you back and congrats on getting through your studies! :hug:

Re: Intars' gallery

PostPosted: Wed Aug 07, 2019 8:05 pm
by Intars
I was missing creating something with the Verve.
About tournament or torment - guess i was meaning more like tournament but come to think of it torment suits the reality close enough as well.
Every department and teacher groups are fighting for student heads necessary for sustaining, gaining their formal share in their labor for income :roll:
That's how you end up as a student in some mandatory spam-courses (to keep teachers wages and university budgets rolling; but that's understandable - its their survival :roll: )

oo boy i was missing to do some verve-art c:! Still enjoy this tool, probably it will go on with my hobbies and toolsets in my personal computers as far into future as it can
(and with OS emulations even further).

About "black holes"; i forgot to mention i am using verve 0.99v.31; which isn't the latest version. So it's my fault stumbling on older bug anyways since it may be not present
anymore in later versions. Why i end up using exactly 0.99v.31 and not the latest i honestly don't know ;)

I have bunch of few more drawings to show soon (in August); before release they demand few polishes here and there :bow: c:!
Also missed to see what others made with verve and think about of wandering massively, page by page, artist by artist to enjoy that specific, rare verve-tool flavor in the art.
It is soooo great that on large scale internet doesn't know we and this small forum exist. All those huge, large art-forums feel so clumsy, so oversaturated, overcrowded, oversized,
over-rated, depleted of patiently, intellectually and carefully created art. Here it feels back to human scale :ob
Taron, verve is superb tool - i just want to reiterate it (again and again).
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Power to the C++ and openGL 8-)

Re: Intars' gallery

PostPosted: Mon Sep 09, 2019 4:30 pm
by Intars
Here is some new, fresh goodies :geek:
I replayed some old Taron video tuts for Verve painter and finally gave a shot to latest version of Verve painter 0.99w.08 :rock:
Yes!! It works ultra-great. Ultra-great. It was just like a breeze to verve-paint. I couldn't resist a wish to paint few pictures.
Here they are.

I once had strange dream, imitating some sort of Twin Peak-ish nightmarish black lodge secret scene. Somehow impressions are still in my memory, though not in
all great detail. Enough to say it was pretty spooky - something with slow-mo dream like walking in wood with entrance into black lodge but with a sense of danger.
With Verve i think i managed to extract some of those remembered impressions and bring them out.

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 09, 2019 4:39 pm
by Intars
There was this strange project which i previously kind of, ..really kind of, super-slowly developed and called "Room of Mr.Oswald".
It was initially envisioned as some sort of very, very short animated sequences following and linking throughout different epochs and time periods existence of
quite mythical room which, once found, could act kind of as some sort of time bridge .... Saw it as twisted very, very short H.G.Wells time travel story episodes
with Lovecraftian sauce on top of everything in it atmosphere and story wise.

Vision of some relic times.

Re: Intars' gallery

PostPosted: Mon Sep 09, 2019 4:43 pm
by Intars
Those three following ones i just call Cosmoverve :roll:
You can imagine how eeeeeeasy, how eeeeaasy, relaxing and comfortable it is in Verve to do that kind of ones :bounce:
You are truly relaxing in a process.