Development is still very much on queue! LotS has gained a number of loyal users and continues to represent a unique branch of instruments in a curious league of its own. Don't let the age of the last update alarm you, because it hasn't lost one bit of its power. Its development will resume with a number of planned features as soon as I can afford it again.

With all the permissions granted (I believe), I can now present you with a Playlist of some of my favorite L.o.t.S. only tracks, made for KVR's OSC#100 (One Synth Challenge), which featured Lord of the Springs. I'm enormously proud and honoured by what everyone has created and truly enjoy listening to them again and again. Sure, I'm somewhat biased, but- regardless- I actually am full of joy, when I let this list play! THANK YOU, OSC-Gang, for this tremendous gift!
Just go to !

Still bringing the website up to speed before the official release of v2.0.5, but thanks to my brilliant friend Romero, CSS begins to make more sense to me and we're wrestling this thing together. Fantastic fun besides seemingly mandatory frustrations. But to get all browsers to do the same without bloated jQuery or other little helpers seems next to futile beyond ordinary designs. When will there ever be a reliable, robust and elegant platform that doesn't waste a creator's precious energy on troubles such as compatibilities?! Ah well...still fun.

Finally a proper website for L.o.t.S. and- what's much more important- a proper update, too.
After almost two months of experimenting, pondering and refining, a new delay algorhythm allows fluent modulation of the delay rate, making a whole new world of sound possible in the effects section. From subtle vibrations to massive drops and rises, proper automation will even allow for melodic pitch changes inside the echo only.
Additionally, the noise filter section can now be automated smoothly.

I'm exploring CSS for the first time seriously to create a new website. All the while I'm getting closer to the kind of delay routine I have in mind for L.o.t.S..


L.o.t.S is a free VST instrument, because I really want you to have it. If you can afford it, I would appreciate your support very much.

Video Tutorials

Artist Tracks

All tracks are made with Lord of the Springs as only sound source, including all drums and percussion.
This is a compilation of tracks from KVR's monthly "One Synth Challenge #100: Lord of the Springs".

Demo Tracks

All tracks are made with Lord of the Springs as only sound source, including all drums and percussion.


Physical Modeling Based Synthesis:
  • 88 active spring systems (4 springs per system, 352 springs total). 88 voices polyphony.
  • 129 optional “Body” springs.
  • Microtuning for Notes & Pitchbend ranges.
  • Innovative Pitch Bend implementation. Only physically held notes bend their pitch. Sustain Pedal holds released notes at last pitch with optional release time.
  • Modulation Wheel acts like bowing the springs.
  • Customizable body features and behavior including Phaser effect.
  • Modulatable FX Delay rate.


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