Verve absolute genius

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Verve absolute genius

Hi Taron
I have just discovered Verve. I think it is remarkable and probably one of the best painting software programs out there.
I am a digital abstract painter. I have started incorporating images created in Verve into my work. You can see the results on my Facebook page if you are curious.

I looked at the forum you set up it does not appear very active. I hope you have not abandoned this project as it holds great promise.

I am still learning the program by looking at the keyboard shortcuts. I have a quick question someone mentioned that you can create your own brush by cropping a image and turning it into a brush. I do not know if this is possible if it is I would greatly appreciate knowing how to proceed!

I have watched your YouTube videos and you come across as a wonderful person.
Robin Roy
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Re: Verve absolute genius

AH, you posted the message here. For some reason the forum doesn't always notify me, even though I set it up to do so...ah well.
You are making me very happy with your post, thank you very much and WELCOME TO THE FORUM! :beer:

Can't wait to see more from you right here as I'm not on facebook (yet). While I'm typing this, one of my cats is on my lap, lovingly gnawing on my arm as she's in heat and keeps harassing me relentlessly, haha... very challenging.
SO, yeaaaahhh, of course I'm still developing Verve with great pleasure and the continuing desire to turn it into what it really wants to become. I will have to figure out the most elegant way to make it commercial, because times are getting rough and I want to devote my entire focus on it.

And thanks for the compliment, really! It's my biggest pleasure to create and share Verve with you all as few things make me happier than sharing with you what gets myself so excited, you know. The idea of making it commercial has been a thorn in my eye for that reason, but I do see how this provides guidance to all of you on how you can truly make me understand that I'm on the right path and keep me on it, too. As a society we're not quite there, yet, where my simple ideals for our exchange can be maintained. But I hope, nobody will ever forget that I'm making all this for us all, not to enrich myself in any other ways. Looking forward to that latter part a bit, though, haha... but because it will free me even more to do even more for you. :hyper:

Anyway, can't wait to see more from you! c:!
Here to help! :D
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