Aik digs giant robots

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Aik digs giant robots

So. This program is a lot of fun. Thank you for sharing it with the world.
Annnd. of course. My first painting is with a giant robot. :D

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Re: Aik digs giant robots

:o ...that's big!
Great style, Aik! Brings back memories from my friend Goro, who used to love painting robots. I wonder what he's up to now, I would've loved to find out what he thinks of Verve. Just as I love finding out that you seem to enjoy it, too! :D

WELCOME to the forum and thanks for posting already! Can't wait for more from you!!! 8-)
Here to help! :D
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Re: Aik digs giant robots

Ahh, that is so neat! Kinda Miyazakian.
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Re: Aik digs giant robots


Miyazakian indeed! :D

Very nice... I love the feel of the large scale.

And speaking of "super dimensional" robots... My other favorites:

Image and Image

Very nice work Aik - have fun with Verve!
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Re: Aik digs giant robots

Whowww, that's cool Aik!! That guy really is massive :o :D
Nevertheless i get a very calm feeling from your drawing.
Seconds, please? :P
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