Print verve art - technique, services

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Re: Print verve art - technique, services

Taron wrote: Verve in its current state and nature is mainly for "computer art", really, and not so much for creating giant print layouts.

Taron I think your software is capable of producing results that can rival, if not even exceed traditional media. I read recently that MIT are testing a printer that prints layers of texture. It's in the experimental stage right know but I feel sure it's only a matter of time until it's available.
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Re: Print verve art - technique, services

I blew the resolution up in PS. Upscale 2.0 is quite good in this.
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Re: Print verve art - technique, services

And maybe this *6
or this free one! (* 2 * 3 * 4) :beer:
Is beautiful that please without concept!
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