Verve custom brushes suggestion

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Verve custom brushes suggestion

I have been playing around with custom brushes which are great. One thing I notice is if you import a custom brush that has areas of semi transparency Verve makes it a solid shape (first image) brush plus mark in Verve

You can achieve a sort of semi transparency by bringing down the visibility but some of the brush shape disappears.
Second image

I bring this up not as a criticism but as a jumping off point for custom brushes. Semi transparency in custom brushes would allow for a more convincing interaction with the canvas rather than appearing to sit on top of the canvas as a shape.
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Re: Verve custom brushes suggestion

AH, this only happens, if you use Lemi's import conversion tool and has nothing to do with Verve, really. If you make a semi transparent brush image in Verve, it should work just fine.
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