Way to save custom brush settings?

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Way to save custom brush settings?

Is there a way to save settings I have customized for the standard #2 and #9 brushes, such as size, blending, build-up, bristle count, fluidity, and drying time? I could not understand the directions in the manual for saving image brushes, but I don't think it was talking about savings settings I have changed for the standard brushes.

Thank you!
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Re: Way to save custom brush settings?

Actually, if you save VRS (verve settings) files, it saves some of the brush settings as well, except size and actually oscillations (brush 9 and 10) . Give it a try and see, if this is an ok starting point!
Anyway the (.vrs) will save bristle size, bristle count and bias for all brush types.
The (.vri) will only save Brush #10 settings and, of course, the brush images. However, it will save all of the settings of brush #10, except brush size, that's a different philosophy, but maybe I should?! But all of this will be a thing of the past, once I finally get to do the real brush designer! Not sure how soon this will be, but your feedback gives me strength and energy! :ob Thank you! :)
Here to help! :D
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