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spAce's Experiments

Tried to control the bump. If there was a smoothing brush like in sculpting apps it would be much easier (could be ctrl+shift maybe...).

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Re: spAce's Experiments

Tried liquids:
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Re: spAce's Experiments

Ah, this is so cool, man! I get an "Never ending Story" vibe from all that and it totally works for me, haha! :D
Yeah, it's not a sculpting tool, really, and I had to pull myself together not to lean it that way. :geek:
But I'm still tempted to support some of it a little bit. Maybe later! ;)
Anyway, great stuff, keep'em coming! :D
Here to help! :D
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Re: spAce's Experiments

Very cuty! 8-)
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Re: spAce's Experiments

Nice first entry ! I love the mood of the second one ;)
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Re: spAce's Experiments

Yes - second one is very cute and warm. Love to watch it.
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Re: spAce's Experiments

I would count this as a Nr.2 lost interesting, with a potential to be power-verve-artist.

How funny is his second painting :lol:
Good emotions for a day.
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Re: spAce's Experiments

I like it also, you are welcome ;)
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