Mud mixing

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Re: Mud mixing

Beautiful! c:!
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Re: Mud mixing

:o Oh man, this is absolutely outstanding!! I LOVE it! You have very good sense for details and colors! :rock: c:!
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Re: Mud mixing

What a beauty!!
I am in love.
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Re: Mud mixing

Very nice. Can't wait to see what you come up with next! I really like the light and color choices.
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Re: Mud mixing


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Re: Mud mixing

Subtle, nuanced, atmospheric
Light is mesmerizing.
Hard to believe how suggestive the most subtle textures can be.
Absolutely brilliant Wooph!
Makes me want to paint
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Re: Mud mixing

Very cool last opus! c:!
Is beautiful that please without concept!
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Re: Mud mixing

That dark landscape with ice and forest.
I admire darkness :bow:

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Re: Mud mixing

So pretty! I love how you get so intricate with your details. Do you paint on separate layers to achieve the varying texture?

You are the bob ross of verve in my eyes :mrgreen:

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Re: Mud mixing

bengarrr wrote:You are the bob ross of verve in my eyes :mrgreen:

I'm happy to hear that. I did use layers, but it was more for staying organized than creating texture. The no.8 brush is my favorite and did most of the work for both paintings. If I needed more texture, I would just need to paint more heavily and verve's lighting will do the rest. I wanted to paint some small patches of grass around the pool of water but the "fireflies" kept showing up so I gave up. Hopefully that bug is gone for the next release. It seems to happen when painting with a small brush with low bristle count.

Here are some images I saved of the painting at earlier stages.


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