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Re: pudjakjuzto2

OMG! :shock: So cool, verve in best use :bow:
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Re: pudjakjuzto2

Etching unlimited! c:! :ud:
Is beautiful that please without concept!
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Re: pudjakjuzto2

Need to watch each very carefully later.
Pure richness in forms.
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Re: pudjakjuzto2

I really like the skelleton ;) - great works
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Re: pudjakjuzto2

Very cool and inspiring works! Thanks for posting!
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Re: pudjakjuzto2

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Re: pudjakjuzto2

AH, style evolution! Very interesting! :ugeek:
...I dig the almost sprayed like feel of them. It has, again, a new kind of substance, yet, with the original spirit of yours. Great stuff! c:!
Here to help! :D
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Re: pudjakjuzto2

ohh great Pud, I didn't see lots of pages of this amazing thread,
I love the tree ones, very subtle n realistic at same time,
and this last one its georgeous, seems to me some sort of warrior.
great style pud, congrats :ob
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Re: pudjakjuzto2

You are a master!
Me personally love to get lost in the details of your other works, but those are very strong, very much solid art.
Thank you for sharing.

What about your Cintiq btw?
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Re: pudjakjuzto2

I love these. The detail, the style. It is a uniqueness that stands out :D c:!
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