Loki, first doodle

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Loki, first doodle

hi There,

here's my first doodle, including build-up, after first trying out the brushes a bit...
it looks a bit plastic, but hey, it's.. my first doodle using verve after all ;-)

verrrryy nice paint package.. will do lots more with it. Thanks a million for the tool, Taron!


'completed' landscape... sort of
Landscape_006_8bit.jpg (240.04 KiB) Viewed 98040 times

and here are some steps while painting...

Landscape_progression_8bit.jpg (205.85 KiB) Viewed 98040 times

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Re: Loki, first doodle

Wow awesome! Love the spec art look. Reminds me of Apple Seed Ex Machina
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Re: Loki, first doodle

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Re: Loki, first doodle

Loki, man, that looks fantastic! I always shy away from such blues, but you've given it some consistent excitement there! I absolutely dig it! :D
...and: My absolute pleasure, loki! ;)
Here to help! :D
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Re: Loki, first doodle

That's cool! Love it.
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Re: Loki, first doodle

hey guys,

thanks for your positive responses, even if it's a crappy first sketch (and we all know how ugly those can get, hehe, come on ;-)!
It was a first experiment, but I'm planning to do lots more with Verve, of course, because it has a lot of intuitive advantages over quite some larger packages. There's really some splendid power in it!

Actually, I have the urge now to replace my old and worn-out wacom by something new (an idea long overdue), and was wondering what would be a good choice, since there is some choice presenting itself:
In casu: I am wondering if someone knows if the 'Wacom Cintiq Windows 8 machine, with i7 processor and an Intel Gfx HD 4000 gpu' is capable of running Verve decently...
(I won't be using complete full-screen 100% fluidity in Verve, I suppose, but I wonder/doubt if performance is actually taxed more if you turn it up, or if it stays constant because the shader does its typical thing no matter what, I suppose Navier-Stokes, or a version of it, yes?)

-> so... is the Intel HD 4000 up to it, in general and normal painting use?
or maybe.. Does anyone have any experience on laptops with the same gfx chipset?
It would be nice to know. I'm looking around to actually try it somewhere, live. Handy that it's such a small executable, no installer or anything.. great to run from an USB-stick! ;-)

the Wacom I'm talking about:
http://eu.shop.wacom.eu/products/others ... 67?c=70177
http://www.wacom.com/en/in/overlays/art ... 013/in-971


if not working on the Intel 4000 chipset... I might go for the lesser brother, the Android device 'Wacom Cintiq Companion Hybrid'.. It will of course will not run Verve since it's Android, but can be used as an input device if your laptop has a HDMI-out and USB-in (for pen input signal), which mine has.
The fact that it is an android device is for me personally slightly handy on the side, because as a game developer, it's also handy to test my games on... the mere price above the non-computer device (the Cintiq 13 HD) is no problem..
(though I will probably not feel the urge to run much android sketching software as a first goal anyway, well, maybe when doodling on the couch or so)

(alias Frank Verheyen)
btw. Taron, I think we know a few people in common.. Steven De Keninck (enki), Danny Braet, Frank Aalbers.. we're all from the same group of friends here in Belgium. I didn't have the pleasure to meet you in person yet, but of course these friends of mine mention you regularly.. about the past 15 years or so, hehe.. small world. I heard about Verve from Steven. Whenever visiting Belgium, come over for dinner! ;-)
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Re: Loki, first doodle

You're kidding!?! :o :lol: That's such a cool surprise! What on earth is Enki up to! I'm kinda sad we didn't get to keep in touch, because I really enjoyed our brief time together very much! Right now we'd have some really exciting conversations, since I've joined the openGL explorations. But I'd imagine that he's moved on to wilder things such as openCL or Cuda or so.... anyway. I'm flattered they talked about me every now and then. I haven't heard anything from Frank or Danny in a long time. I take it they're still alive?! :lol:

Well, I wished Enki would've send me a little "hi" himself, too! Just drag him onto the Forum with ya'!!! :D

Thanks for the offer and know that you're just as welcome, should you ever take a trip down to the Dalmatian coast! 8-)
Here to help! :D
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Re: Loki, first doodle

Yep, enki is (of course) still up to crazy stuff all the time.
He's been porting/rewriting JimmyRig to pure javascript to run in the browser, and has written a completely new auto-rigging auto-skinning animation system that does its thing in about 600 milliseconds on average, completely new (and better) algorithmics. It greatly changes and shortens the workflow cycle when you want to experiment with a character.. it's so much easier to test things and check out changes. Rigging is like a single-button operation that you don't have to worry about anymore. The new JimmyRigJS is of course completely lightwave compatible (still one of our favourite 3D packages because it's so straightforward, call us old-school, hehe ;-) and does any BVH animation, so you have real power at your finger tips.
You really should get in touch again, since there's a lot we old-schoolers can do when sticking heads together, you know. We have 'geek-night' every thursday evening at enki's place, so maybe it's a good idea to keep your Skype channel open on thursdays from around 20h00 (Brussels time). My skype account is 'frank_honeypot' (don't ask where the honeypot thing came from.. it's an old girlfriend's idea and I'm too lazy to change it) and enki is 'enkimute'.
Frank Aalbers is working at Pixar now, as technical director, last thing I heard... he's happily married and all, and has a kid too! Really cute. I haven't seen Danny in quite a while, but now and then he visits Belgium too.
When they come over to Europe again, I'll let you know.. maybe we can meet up somehow and eat some dirty pita (Frank still loves that), who knows ;-)

In case of OpenGL troubles on older gfx-cards and stuff, you should really catch up with enki, since he's the local uber-expert on those things. He'll probably trick you in porting Verve to WebGL and have you run it in a browser online in no time, so beware, since he tends to do that with people, haha ;-)
No, really, if you feel inclined as such, that would actually be a very realistic option... his pimtools engine has been ported to javascript nowadays, and is more powerful and flexible than ever. It also has a neat and simple UI-system on board, so it's very easy to experiment with (I always find this UI-stuff a bit of a pain in the butt to code, when you really want to concentrate on cool algorithms and stuff, and not be bothered with layout and buttons, especially on OpenGL where you usually roll-your-own anyway).
Since you probably do a lot of stuff in shaders, in Verve, there would be no big technical hurdle either, or even performance issues for that matter. And the pen support, I think there are some nice API's for that too... I should look that up, but I guess so... let's simply ask enki. I have a leap motion around too, so that could also be a nice input path to consider, maybe. Steven experimented with that some time ago, and if I'm not mistaken, he wrote a little interface for pimtools for it, and reported it's pretty damn accurate (and cheap!).

(speaking about pen support: any ideas or hints about me purchasing that Wacom Cintiq Win8? I'm really eager to take the step, but I simply don't know which one I should pick... budget is no problem, but then again, I would do it to run Verve, so yeah... wondering a bit what to do ;-)

I'll send enki an email to join the party here, and get in touch on thursday nights! You can join the geek-night virtually on webcam or so, if you like.. it's always heaps of fun! ;-)


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Re: Loki, first doodle

hi Guys,

I've taken Verve for another spin (my second one, yey!), while waiting for some advice on which wacom to buy... so I just use my old worn and torn Intuos meanwhile.

This time I've gone the romantic way (yeah yeah, no details there ;-) ) and went for a 'Kiss in the Rain' scene, with a kind of dreamy late night city background.
Inspired by some comic artwork I do like a lot.. I hope I captured the atmosphere well enough.

So here goes, with progression stills to show the build-up.
I feel that some practice with Verve and some finer attention to details help a lot. I guess I'm going to make Verve my first tool of choice, without a doubt:
it _is_ a great painter's tool... the best I've experienced yet.

Can't wait for you guys to give me some advice for my wacom buying decision (see discussion above), so pleeeeaaase advise ;-) Anyone?

tha Kiss

Kiss_8bit_006.jpg (233.73 KiB) Viewed 97890 times

and tha buildup of the Kiss

Kiss_Progression_small_001.jpg (219.02 KiB) Viewed 97890 times

cheers and enjoy!
(I certainly did, painting it!)

kind regards,
loki of mute
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Re: Loki, first doodle

At this date seems a normal Cintiq will be more reasonnable than a "Companion" for a more large use :)

PS Cool illustration! 8-)
Is beautiful that please without concept!
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