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Re: Extrapolations

This is really cool :beer: - congratulation, love the materials/reflections and the design of this airship :hug:
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Re: Extrapolations

Hurray! What a great picture!! Absolutely love it!
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Re: Extrapolations

Sheeesh, I've missed so many posts again, crazy. Love the style that comes from this one! Colors are gorgeous, but even the BW is a looker for sure! :ob
Here to help! :D
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Re: Extrapolations

congrasts Tartan,
geat compo, it makes me wonder from where that baloon's highlight is coming from
it couldn't be the sun since the stormy sky.
To me it looks like coming from fire or a explotion, a sort of destruction due to the conditions.

PD: what is the original resolution, did you use 3d on it?
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