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Re: Intars' gallery

Ehehehe, I may never get desperate enough to play a 95 fps game, haha, but I was properly surprised to see how crude games still were then. I think, back then I still had the Amiga running, too.

Well, if you just want to have some fun programming, you should consider looking into BlitzMax. To make a little game with it is really pleasant. But even then it's amazing how much work can go into the smallest of games, if you want for it to have all components. I did a bunch of tiny half-baked games with it, too. The last one I posted here some years back..."Vapor" I called it, I believe. I got and still get a big kick out of making everything procedural, using no graphic assets except for a font.

If you want to, we can someday have a look at something together. Might be fun! :hyper:

Thanks for digging up that youtube clip! :ob
Here to help! :D
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