With verve into the light

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Re: With verve into the light

Wow. That mouse is adorable lol. But he looks like the mouse that has been eating my T shirts lately :shock: I am tempting him with a piece of cheese. a humane trap and a trip to the woods ;) I love the sentiment you have expressed here and you are right.
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Re: With verve into the light

Hi Knacki,
Merry Xmas n Happy New year to you and all ververs!
please tell me, is your last artwork all verve? how did you do the ice on the window?
thanx advanced.
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Re: With verve into the light

Happy new year everybody!

Hahaha Tartan, - probably the mouse have been faster back in the house than you have been? :D
First flat, I shaired with a buddy...and with an increasing mice population. we used to trap them and bring them ...10-15m away. Was not away enough :D
A mouse is a sweet & cute animal - but when they start to eat your food, trying to change tv channel to their likeness and use your dishes as toilet, cuteness is finally gone.
Also the fighting methods are changing during this progress.
Or you use a cat to do the fight for you.
A cat is doing a really good job in what nucluar weapons are said to do: deterrence (had to look for that vocabulary, hope it fits)
So well yes. Super cute, when not inside your house, eating your T-shirts.
Oh man...starting this talk, the meaning of my picture can get easily out of control if wrong people (also a growing population of our time) now start to interpret my wording wrong. :shock:
No way!

No. Verve is not so often in my pipeline anymore, as drawings are done in free time ("computer" free) I mostly paint on mobile.
But despite maybe resolution problems (7 layers 2800x2800 which was necessary for hair detail), it coud have been done in verve as well.
Brush #9 would have been fine for almost all jobs.
The ice was simply painted, the brush was set on add, I guess..?
Snow, also painted, with a bit of slpat spraying, like image brush with spacing.
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Re: With verve into the light

Oh, WOW, that's gorgeous, Knacki! Just fantastic! What a brilliant greeting card this would make, too. HAPPY NEW YEAR and thanks for this gift! :hug:
Here to help! :D
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Re: With verve into the light

Super Minnie mouse! c:!
Is beautiful that please without concept!
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Re: With verve into the light

OMG :bounce: this card is just a marvel!
Happy Marvelous Year!
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