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Re: With verve into the light

Taron wrote:Perfect timing for the Lunar New Year! :lol: :ob (...was that Verve? Certainly feels different. )

Hahaha - well Chinese year of the golden pig started yesterday - so what? :D

(...was that Verve? Certainly feels different. )
Sent it to my friends at new year but was not posting it here as it was not done in verve.
Verve just gave me the joy in painting back. Without verve no pics from my side.

But I enjoy the mobile freedom in painting that much, that it is hard for a step back to verve. I am painting everywhere now, and PC time is working time.
For sure, the original resolution with 3500x3500 would not have been possible in verve as well, not without a monster computer. (I have an ipad pro 10,5" now. 650 gramms including cover and pencil -bought used for 500€ with keyboard etc. A Cintiq, a computer, a pen and 256GB......for that prize, you can buy a new low budget Cintiq. Even new, for around 1000€ - guess what you get for that amount of money in PC world, if drawing is your focus)
Also, I really enjoy to use all the basic functions, missing in verve.
Hell, taron - you know that there is almost no one loving verve that much than I do. But literally no real development since years?
Beside waiting, I became a bit tired workflow compromises.
Other painting software is developped quickly with fluid feeling and structured brush strokes, 64 Bit support and a decent UI and all functions needed. Even damed slow old Phtotshop became much better now.

Your ideas in developping a painting software are so revolutionary, and cool. They really deseve to be brought to a professional level. Soon.
As an aggresive developped professional tool, or freeware.
You need help, doesn't matter which way you want to go.

Verve, decently developped, would be a sensation in the App store!
All this liquid stuff is so much Apple CI ;)
People would go crazy.
More than that, there is no real windows touch painting software, for all the upcoming 2 in 1 computer. They have partly quite decent hardware, a good pen, a nice display and all the shitty apps made for mouse and pencil use.
Verve on a Microsoft book 2 15" with GTX1060 6GB Ram with ~3000x2000 px display, would be a charme, if touch focused developped. There is a book 3 coming in the end of 2019 maybe beginning 2020 ;)
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Re: With verve into the light

All true and all exciting! Eventually I will have to pull myself together and figure out the openGL ES stuff as well as a decent cross platform environment. Lots left to learn, but the understanding is there and that is the most important thing in the end. Thanks for the pushing! ;)
Here to help! :D
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