What are you working on, 2017-18

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Re: What are you working on, 2017-18

great nice WIP/Art from booth of you :hug:
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Re: What are you working on, 2017-18

Hey Claytown,

You have skills man. Eeerie as hell but fun and true 3d. Infected makes me cringe :shock: And does it\s job very well. Fingerpain reminds me of my cthulu take off lol. I believe we were thinking addams family. Well done and beetlejuice shines c:! :D
Lemi, Zero. Thank you so much for the comments. They helped make my day when I am in need of a better outlook. TY! :hug:
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Re: What are you working on, 2017-18

What's happening, Tom, everything alright? :|
Well...don't mean to pry. What ever it is, though, always remember that life is full of cycles and each one is meant to move your center forward, even when the cycle around you goes backwards for a moment. It will swing through and will even ask you to move forward again. :) ...keep the faith! :hug:
Here to help! :D
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Re: What are you working on, 2017-18

I have been working on short anim video for my wife thesis. It is just a very simple movie but for me a lot of work, because I had to study some 3D application and finally I chose Blender (because it is free). Great sw but it takes time to immerse to it. In Blender there isn´t support for rendering with ATI card so I had to use CPU! Incredible..

I played with motion capture and bought Kinect v2 adapted for PC. Really great piece of hw, but results depend on sw and weren´t good so I left mocap approach.

The result is here: :)
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Re: What are you working on, 2017-18

That's a cute one, Lemi. And a hell of work. Specially if you don't know the software.
Well done. :beer:

Rendering for AMD - ATI. Open CL should be possible.
Amd has it's own proRenderer as well.
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Re: What are you working on, 2017-18

Hey, thank you Knacki. :beer: Yes, lot of work and I admire people who are able to complete nowadays animation movies or CGI effects..

I played with ATI rendering in Blender already and unfortunately my old ATI card doesn´t meet Open CL requirements, I tested prorender and external renders too but I could get only black result. Maybe there are some render or lightning settings I don´t know but rendering using CPU was finally easier way for me and my purposes..

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Re: What are you working on, 2017-18

Some more creepy creations :ud: :ud: :ud:

face 3.jpg
face 3.jpg (255.29 KiB) Viewed 5903 times

Dead Guy Gordon 2 (small).jpg
Dead Guy Gordon 2 (small).jpg (191.16 KiB) Viewed 5903 times

Fuck you lookin at (AP).jpg
Fuck you lookin at (AP).jpg (241.48 KiB) Viewed 5903 times
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Re: What are you working on, 2017-18

Very Cool! c:!
Is beautiful that please without concept!
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Re: What are you working on, 2017-18

2017/2018? I made an image from the year 9961 before Christi. Making some thumbnailworks now, for my next painting ... in 3D I'm not so good, but good enough for my next painting. A WOLF vs. GRIZZLY/HUMAN Illustration. Brown = Box my Grizzly, small Boxes Wolfes, Man on the ground - he will look like Austrian ÖTZI maybe. You see also some rough Shadows and my Sun Position.

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