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Sadly we've just realized that our order service changed policies and has been charging us 0.30€ per "FREE" order, shocking us in the last few months with puzzling invoices almost three times the charge we've been expecting. Thus now there is a 1.00€ charge for any download of Verve, which will result in us getting around 0.30€ after all usual fees (paypal or Stripe) and may allow us to break even. :shrug:

It is not open source for a variety of reasons and likely won't be, since there are plans to create commercial software based on the technology within, covering all major platforms.

A standard Disclaimer: :geek:
This SOFTWARE PRODUCT is provided by Taron "as is" and "with all faults." I, Taron, make no representations or warranties of any kind concerning the safety, suitability, inaccuracies, typographical errors, or other harmful components of this SOFTWARE PRODUCT. There are inherent dangers in the use of any software, and you are solely responsible for determining whether this SOFTWARE PRODUCT is compatible with your equipment and other software installed on your equipment. You are also solely responsible for the protection of your equipment and backup of your data, and Taron will not be liable for any damages you may suffer in connection with using, modifying, or distributing this SOFTWARE PRODUCT.

(It feels so schizophrenic to post this disclaimer, but I suppose it would be wise to do so. I really also don't want to scare anybody, but our societies are fundamentally weird!) :shrug:
Changes & Fixes v0.99z:
- Total Shader Cleanup! All OpenGL Shaders should now work flawlessly.
- New Paint Mode: Multiply
- Paint Modes Additive and Multiply with improved interaction with canvas and paint
- Cooling down when ignored. If you don't do anything, it will count down based on the set amount of fluidity. You can now let it just sit go make coffee without any access power usage. :hihi: :ugeek:
- Improved Hotkey actions
- Additional cleanups all around

Fixes v0.99w.09:
- AMD driver update now is tamed! :borg:

Changes v0.99w.08:
- Widgets (temporary gui dials on the canvas while holding keys) will block painting on canvas and let you dial up desired values where ever you are!
- Chroma Smudge and Smudging improvements
- minor adjustment and fixes with potential speedup

Changes v0.99w.06:
- In honor of pud's generous donation, I've added pen barrel roll (tilt z) to the brush powers! :hug: ...those of you, who have an Art Pen and the proper tablet for it can now happily spin the pen while painting! :hyper:

Changes v0.99w.05:
- fixed Brush#8's opacity interpolation! (Thanks :rock: )

Changes v0.99w.04:
- Fixed PNG saving crash after having loaded brush images!
- Experimental change to layer modes ADDITIVE and MULTIPLY. I deactivated bump/lighting for those modes, so they do only what they are meant to. Should be nicer to control that way, but it shows challenges with empty canvas on below layers.

Changes v0.99w.02:
- Adjusted the Fluid Smudge pressure sensitivity to go up by half a dial from set value with less pressure. This allows more aggressive smudging with little pressure, when the dial is set to low values and still provides enough range in higher values. c:!

Changes v0.99w.01:
- it is almost a new dawn for Verve with a number of significant changes and additions as well as a few fixes! Enough for me to climb up another letter (w) with the version numbers, but not enough to get to 1.0, yet! :geek:
- check the download page for more info on changes, please! (layer flipping, pressure on smudge, saving motion vector snapshots as component, fixed jpg crash, fixed window restore)

Changes v0.99v.38:
- BUG FIX! When settings change to a new resolution at startup, Average Brush and a number of other features started acting up. Found the problem and fixed it! :ugeek: :oops:
- New Motion Vector preview, toggle with [v]. It's only a temporary feature, but already kind of fun and interesting! Thanks, Robert! :ob
- Potential speed up and fix to resolution changes!

Changes v0.99v.37:
- Fluid drying logic improved!
- automatic saving and loading of window and canvas size!
- various little fixes

Changes v0.99v.35:
- fixed a saving bug after having loaded brush images!
- preliminary 16 bit png import. I just left it in there right now, but it will still get proper import features (choose color channel for material amount and how much and so on....)
- cropping into a mirrored image is fixed! :ugeek:

Changes v0.99v.34:
- Image Brush Selection Rectangle acts now more familiar. Grabbing the corners will adjust all corners. Hold [Ctrl] to adjust individual corner. Hold [Alt] to scale the entire rectangle.
- Brush #2 bias now changes size nicely when pressure is used!
- Some improvements and possible fixes, especially to the file I/O

Changes v0.99v.32:
- BUG FIX for loading brush images, which are larger than the canvas size! :geek:

Changes v0.99v.31:
- Faster your seat belt and welcome to 2018! COLOR CORRECTION in Verve! [Ctrl]+[L] brings up the first version of the brand new Color Correction Unit. It contains a unique take on Levels and the Desaturation/Perception dials as well as a Blend dial to blend between modified colors and original colors. Currently it only has RESET, AUTO and APPLY as extra features and may behave a bit strange under certain circumstances. Consider this an introduction to a new paradigm! :ugeek:

Changes v0.99v.30:
- GUI cleanup :geek:
- Fixed Image Brush capture frame handles not to have paint accidents! :oops:

Changes v0.99v.29:
- GUI Layer color by choice! [Ctrl]+[LMB] click anywhere on the layer "blade" except the add/merge/hide buttons and the layer blade will receive your currently chosen color! :ugeek:

Changes v0.99v.28:
- It's actually a FIX rather than change... [ctrl]+[d] freezes fluids again! :oops:

Changes v0.99v.27:
- Averaging now allows also for only material (bump) blending, if you turn color opacity (alpha) to 0%. :geek:

Changes v0.99v.26:
- Averaging now has Brush Buildup control the amount of influence it has on the material buildup on the canvas. Turn it to 0% and it will only average out color!

Changes v0.99v.25:
- prevented potential crash with playback of empty recordings
- added high speed toggle, switching between standard 60Hz refresh and 600Hz or rather how ever fast your card can run Verve! Be careful, though, listen to its fans! :!:

Changes v0.99v.24:
- recording now includes color changes made holding [N] and properly plays back recorded brush angles! :oops:

Changes v0.99v.23:
- Experimental record/replay feature to record and replay your paint actions and a selection of parameters.
[u] start and stop recording (see red flashing square in upper left corner of the window!)
[shift]+[u] playback recording.
Parameter it records:
  • fluidity, fluid sharpness, fluid smudge, fluid drying, fluid drying speed, fluid curl
  • paint color
  • paint mode
  • brush buildup
  • brush size
  • pen pressure modes
  • brush angle fix

Changes v0.99v.22:
- Negative Glossiness acts like in earlier versions, but turn "DIFFUSION" negative to get the new behavior action negative glossiness/negative specular highlights!

Changes v0.99v.21:
- Fluid Behavior to Canvas Texture is extended naturally. It's a possibly subtle change, but it extends the effect of the canvas texture onto the fluids as material builds up on it. Result: Even if the paint fully covers the texture, the texture still has a notable effect on the fluids up until a certain amount of paint.

Changes v0.99v.20:
- Brush Image playback choice addition: [=?] set random image per stroke. The new list of playback modes looks like this now:
[>>] = play sequence during stroke
[pr] = use pen pressure for image choice
[>?] = play random sequence during stroke
[=?] = set random image per stroke
[=] = paint with chosen image

Changes v0.99v.19:
- Brush#7 and #8 are fixed for erasing. I just noticed that something went wrong there, so it's all good again! 8-)
- settings (vrs) now save and load canvas properly as well as Fluid Curl parameter

Changes v0.99v.18:
- color saturation dial works properly now! (fixed :geek: )
- color wheel widget [c] can now be scaled just like color swatches. Hold down [Ctrl] when on the upper left color handle and [LMB] drag the mouse to scale!

Changes v0.99v.17:
- negative glossiness now is really negative glossiness! :ugeek:
- some WIP features are in there, which don't do much, yet! Lasso Masking and a Histogram, but you can't quite use them, yet.[k] will toggle lasso mode on and off. Once you drew a lasso, it will create a mask as you may know already, which you can toggle on/off with [q] or look at and modify with [ctrl]+[q] or invert with [ctrl]+[shift]+[q].

Changes v0.99v.16:
- proper canvas texture saving/loading
- [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[p] to snapshot current layer's material as canvas texture, which also now gets properly saved and loaded again!
- pick colors from anywhere on the desktop. Hold [Alt] to sample colors, but don't click, it already grabs the color!

Changes v0.99v.15:
- new canvas texture procedural. [Ctrl]+[p] to toggle through the 3 modes: 0 = fractal noise, 1 = canvas, 2 = grab layer material
- canvas settings save with mode! (Except the layer based version still won't save the generated pattern from the layer. It's still to come!)
- color swatches scale by holding [Ctrl] and corner handle
- import for (.pal) color palettes (RIFF and JASC-PAL)
- brush images can now be selected and deleted. [Ctrl]+[RMB] on swatch to be deleted!
- brush images new sequence mode (=) to only paint with the currently selected image (more modes to come!)
- brush #10 [0] now responds to bias, which also is much nicer to dial up now!
- improved GUI code
- compatibility fixed for fluids on some graphics cards!

Changes v0.99v.14:
- Experimental "Hue dancer"...dial up an amount of hue randomness for each new stroke.
- Number of small fixes
- Slight alteration of fluids (improved material behavior, potentially suggesting future parameters)

Changes v0.99v.13:
- color swatch lists can now get removed. Hit [ctrl]+[RMB] on list button to remove it!
- holding down [N] now cycles through the swatches (like western reading: left to right, top to bottom). Having only one swatch in a list will use random colors as before!

Changes v0.99v.12:
- [Shift]+[c] brings up COLOR SWATCHES!
- tons of little things around the code...
- improved merging of layers
- improved GUI aspects
- new GUI components for Brush Images including the ability to NOT USE images on Brush #9 while painting brush images :oops: :lol:
- more little things I can't think of right now... :geek:

Changes v0.99v.11:
- Brush Images now have two new parameters: (col) switch for color mode and a new random mode for image sequences (rn) (And new .vri format (version 4), saving sequence and color modes)

Changes v0.99v.10:
- various cosmetic improvements including value display accuracy and [ctrl] held fine tuning

Changes v0.99v.09:
- brush image format (.vri) optimized (version 3)

Changes v0.99v.08:
- Brush #9 now properly displays brush image rotation when using [Ctrl]+[a]+[LMB] to adjust image rotation only.

Changes v0.99v.07:
- cosmetic update... a little less braindead image display, haha. It now won't cover the rest of the gui, if u have too many brush images! :oops:

Changes v0.99v.06:
- border conditions for fluid dynamics (vectors)

Changes v0.99v.05:
- image format now supports extra large images!
- image and brush image formats are optimized!

Changes v0.99v.04:
- two new interface buttons for CLEAR and FILL right above MASK in the little brush action gui (All just temporary experiments)

Changes v0.99v.03:
- two new toggles under "IMAGE BOARD": (PR) / (>>) to control brush image sequence traversal, (*) toggles brush image paint mode...
- exponential pressure for brush image sequence traversal mode (pr)
- exponential stretch factor for canvas texture stretch parameter

Changes v0.99v.02:
- little mode indicator for brush image transfer on the "Image Board" GUI. When ON material and color are being transferred and Average mode paints entire image tinted by sampled color under the brush. When OFF it transfers the image flat and Average acts as usual, painting with the averaged color sampled across the whole brush.
- tiny cosmetic updates

Changes v0.99v.01:
- THIS IS A TEMPORARY LABORATORY VERSION, already very old, but for all of you it still has some interesting additions you don't know, yet! Let's see, if I remember some of the changes...
- BRUSH IMAGES, work with brush #9 and brush #0 (the new one!). You can even save and load them already, but not a whole lot more...
- new paint mode with fixed amount of material ( = )
- new mask that actually masks!
- canvas texture appearance improved
- bunch of fixes for paint transfer
- interface code, but you will hardly see that. It was only internal preparation.
- OH, crap, I totally forgot, there are some post processing experiments floating around, hahaha, "desaturation/chroma intensity perception" and a wetness dial that you may ignore.
- Now I'll have a look at explaining some of it in the INFO...

Changes v0.99u.33:
- fluid improvements (borders)
- brush #9 improvements (mouse mode)

Changes v0.99u.32:
- lots and lots of little fixes to fluids and warp mode and shaders in general. Enough fixes to decide to increase the version number! (...that's rare!) :geek:
- temporarily you have two color storages. Switch between them with [x]. (like in PS)

Changes v0.99u.31:
- brush #9 now uses BIAS to adjust brush shape: Positive Bias flattens the brush horizontally, negative bias flattens it vertically.

Changes v0.99u.30:
- mouse speed has a new approach. I like it like this a lot more, because lower speeds tend to follow the mouse more accurately. :ugeek:

Changes v0.99u.29:
- changed fluid behavior enough to increase the version number. It's weird, because I don't know, if I will keep it that way, but it feels more natural/practical to me right now.

Changes v0.99u.28:
- Canvas Texture has a more ideal routine now, leading to more accurate behaviors
- Canvas Texture Strength is now exponential, changing the interpretation of the parameter a bit.
- Canvas Texture can get inverted with the hotkey [i]
- Canvas Texture can be toggled on/off with the hotkey [t]
- Another experimental behavior is now up, which thins out the material amount when it moves. In other words, the more you push material around, the flatter it gets, but not below full visibility of the color. I figured this is much more natural, but it all will get more tweaking along the way, I'm sure.

Changes v0.99u.27:
- :!: HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL NEW FEATURE :!: [Ctrl]+[p] to create and toggle between canvas textures based on either procedurals or your current layer's material build-up. :? c:! It's really weird and expect all sorts of funky stuff, but you can really do some wicked things with that! Borhani... :ugeek: ...I will not document this, yet, because it's really just experimental at this point, but here how it works right now:
Verve starts up with the standard canvas texture. If you hit [Ctrl]+[p] it will just be empty. If you hit [Ctrl]+[p] again, you'll have the standard again. If you paint something on the canvas and then hit [Ctrl]+[p], it will create a texture based on your current painting. You can only control the strength right now. However, if you now hit [Ctrl]+[p], it'll switch back to standard and your own texture will be gone. So...treat it like an experiment for now!

Changes v0.99u.26:
- New fluid behavior. I've changed the system around a little to have vectors more accurate react to canvas textures. I've also tamed some of the border behavior for them. It's all still a work in progress, naturally, but I like where this is going. I hope you do, too! c:!

Changes v0.99u.25:
- New experimental parameter "COLOR PUSH" to control the speed of color motion vs. material motion. This can lead to some fun effects away from 100%, which is normal.

Changes v0.99u.24:
- This is a riskier build, because I've switched input logic to event handling, which should make a few things faster, but might have some unknowns that I still have to run into.

Changes v0.99u.23:
- added oscillator chaos dial. It adds random to offset and advancing speed of the oscillation. :rock:

Changes v0.99u.22:
- little fun release...just added an oscillator to brush #9. You'll find the tiny dial in the middle of the brush interface. It's just a gimmick for now, but I think it's way too fun to keep it from you! :bounce:

Changes v0.99u.21:
- fundamental change in my behavior. Never have revelations shortly before going to bed! Always have them after waking up :!:
- PRESSURE toggle in the Brush Panel. If PRESSURE is OFF, Mouse speed controls pen pressure, even if you use a pen. If it is ON, pen pressure is being used, but mouse only use will still use speed instead("mike mode") ;)

Changes v0.99u.20:
- brush #9 now responds to pen tilt and canvas rotation properly. Mouse artists might get a bit of extra fun there, but I don't know, if that's really good either, haha! :? Let me know! ;)
- save and load settings files (*.vrs) :ugeek: (does NOT include layer settings, though!)

Changes v0.99u.19:
- paint and canvas have mild translucency to deal a bit more naturally with light.
- mild optimizations here and there

Changes v0.99u.18:
- fullscreen now without border (finally! Totally missed something silly before...all good now!)
- Brush #9 canvas behavior has mildly changed. It's still work in progress, but it's getting there, I believe.

Changes v0.99u.16:
- everybody take a deep breath, please, because the file format has a mildly overlapping change since the latest update. LAYER VISIBILITY is added, which is traditional opacity.

Changes v0.99u.15:
- small change to [n] random colors: chosen brightness will be kept. [Shift]+[n] will recall last chosen color!
- brush #number shows on interface, next/prev buttons go up to brush #8. :oops:

Changes v0.99u.14:
- [Ctrl]+[V] paste from Clipboard... 8-)

Changes v0.99u.13:
- [Shift]+[q] for mask from current layer's material amounts should work fine now. It will stop fluids where ever material is already and only allows fluids in the open space!
- [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[m] will auto level the current layer!

Changes v0.99u.12:
- tweaking fluids. Safety measure for velocities never to exceed existing speeds based on material amounts. Prior to this they could easily freak out a little as well as exaggerate input velocities, leading to unpredictable smudges for example.

Changes v0.99u.11:
- Undo Brush: Hold down [z] to paint with undo brush!
- Brush #9 randomizes bristles per stroke.

Changes v0.99u:
- CANVAS TEXTURE (v1.0 of that, really!) Dial up yourself a canvas texture with controls: ON/OFF, Strength, Size, (fractal)Weight, Bias and Width. It's still subject to potentially extreme changes, but it's a start. It also saves with your image and I'll see to it, that the format will be honored in upcoming versions. BUT there's always that chance this thing could radically change... so... just hold on to the version then! :?
- Paint interacts with canvas texture.

Changes v0.99t.07:
- VERY, VERY CRUDE image import! :? only loads 8bit pngs and jpegs and it offers only to change the resolution to the loaded format or pastes it centered into the current project. Later on I will make this more complex with all the bells and whistles, including 16bit formats and choices for channel interpretation, but for least you can load some other images now, too! ;)
- [Shift]+[Tab] toggles brush cursor visibility! 8-)

Changes v0.99t.06:
- NEW BRUSH in experimental state, very crude, but it's the foundation for something that should get pretty exciting! :D ...It's BRUSH #9 (ideally with lots of fluids and pressure on size!)

Changes v0.99t.05:
- ROTATE CANVAS... [Alt]+[Ctrl]+[Shift] and [LMB] drag horizontally to rotate the canvas, or click [RMB] to reset rotation! 8-) [home] will also reset rotation. Both resets also stop the spinning...
- SPIN CANVAS... [-] or [=] to set spinning speed and direction :lol: (Didn't see that one coming so soon, jim, did you?!)

Changes v0.99t.04:
- fluid improvements! "Drying turned off" now leaves much less artifacts, if left running. It still may create some striations, but it should be manageable now. I'll keep working on that!
- tablet/mouse actions are now somewhat improved. Funny how tiny changes in the order of executions responds better to the input. That's still a bit of magic to me, too. :|

Changes v0.99t.03:
- [Shift]+[F2] now turns on ADJUST CANVAS SIZE. Currently it only crops. Resize will come later! You should see a cyan rectangle with handles show up. Grab the handles to adjust the canvas area. Hold down [Alt] during adjustment to do symmetric changes. More options to come! ;)
- Dial actions changed. Equal rate of change in all directions, [Ctrl] + drag to fine tune!
Fix v0.99t.02:
- color picker mess-up solved! :oops:

Changes v0.99t.01:
- High Quality mode [h] toggles. It doubles the lighting resolution and creates finer shading, especially for highlights!
- fluid dynamics improvements/optimizations
- temporary resolution double/half using [Ctrl]+[F2] to double and [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[F2] to halve it. Watch out, though, graphics memory could get exhausted when you go too high!
- color picking logic is now a little nicer. The picked color fades based on material amount against what other color is visible. It will still favor the color of the current layer you're on.
- interface lighting has a fixed height now.

Changes v0.99s:
- WARP mode [Ctrl] + [w] to toggle on/off. In this mode you can warp the image coordinates with your brush. "Erase" or [Ctrl] + drawing will restore original coordinates. Inside warp there's currently no undo, but after you exit warping again, you can undo between warped version and previous version of the layer you're on (ordinary undo). [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[w] will reapply the last warp so you can apply the same warp to other layers. It's JUST A PROTOTYPE , so it's not totally implemented, yet, but I figure, since I have only limited time these days, I better just release it, because it can be really useful and loads of fun! ;)
- experimental sharpening when holding [Ctrl] while "brush blur" is active. I recommend setting color opacity to 0% when working with brush -blur or -sharpening.
- optimized fluid sharpness. Whereby it's the softness of it that's optimized. By default it's still on 100% sharp, but you no longer have to fear to go to softer fluid vector distributions. 8-)

Changes v0.99r:
- THIS IS EXPERIMENTAL HYPERFLUID... lol...or something that should be a little faster on most machines, but not as precise! Give it a try and let me know, if it works on your machine and to your liking!:geek:

Changes v0.99q:
This version is a pre-release currently, if I should call it that. But I think you'll like to have the following feature, even before I have added all the rest of it...
- [Ctrl]+[s] saves the currently selected layer with Alpha as a 16bit png.
- [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[s] saves two png images: one is color only as "filename_col.png", the other is material only as "filename_mat.png" (heightmap).

Changes v0.99p:
- [F3] to toggle fullscreen. It's kind of a fullscreen, really, but it does the trick, I think.
- I found the massively idiotic "bug" I had in the fluids for ATi and Intel cards...brace yourselves: the variable "buffer" sounds official to ATi and Intel, but they can't find it in their GLSL version. I had boldly declared my buffer to be called "buffer" and NVidia knew immediately that it is mine and not some non-existent variable of GLSL. :lol: :roll:, it should look find now everywhere, I believe!

Changes v0.99o:
- SMUDGE CHROMA...this dial may be a little bit of a color revolution, I'm not sure, but it certainly is stunning. Default is at 10% and ideal in my opinion, but you can go nuts or turn it off, too! ;)
- [c] now toggles the colorwheel widget

Changes v0.99n:
- It had to be a new version, because...<drumrolls, please> ...The Fileformat is now brand new and allows for any gigantic project files to save just fine... and all that with a pretty active progress bar! :D
(Now, I know I shouldn't have sacrificed a precious letter from the alphabet for this "oh, so simple thing", but...yeah, it was worth it!)

Changes v0.99m:
- New project file version, now also saving Grid settings, Brush settings, all new fluid settings and a brand new Gamma parameter as well.
- New Parameter "DRP GAMMA", which is a fancy color treatment routine from famous drpetter, who was so kind to share it with me after coming up with it recently. It's really pretty! :D
- New Widget for Build-up Parameter. [B] brings up widget, [Shift]+[B] toggles between two value, both of which you can adjust.

Changes v0.99l:
- New Brush control "BIAS". Click and drag on the little thumbnail of the brush to adjust a bias. This bias will exclude a portion of the bristles, as it is right now. Later I might refine it, but it's quite awesome, you hopefully will see, too! :D
- bunch of fixes to interface and widget controls
- preparation for the next bigger update! ;)

Changes v0.99k:
- RESIZABLE WINDOW!!! Please, don't for a second believe that this was an easy thing to do for me, but here it is...finally! :D
- Mask mode now has red outline around the canvas, so you don't accidentally end up painting in it. :?
- slight changes in default brush settings :twisted:
- New WIDGETS: [c] color pallet, [f] fluidity, [Shift]+[f] fluid smudge, [Ctrl]+[f] fluid sharpness.
- Fill Canvas is now on [Shift]+[Ctrl]+[F]

Changes v0.99j:
- compatibility improvement!
- [Shift]+[F2] is now switch resolution
- [Ctrl]+[Delete] is New Project with the option to Reset Defaults
- [Shift]+[v] now toggles transform mode, you can just hit [v] to toggle back out

Changes v0.99i:
- New Fractal Noise Brush 8! Control size of the fractal with BRISTLES and thickness of the fractals with BRI.SIZE.
- improved ribbon brushes (including fractal noise brush)
- brush material buildup parameter
- brush bristle count "BRISTLES" and bristle size "BRI.SIZE" parameters affect all bristle based brushes
- drying speed parameter
- mouse speed parameter (delayed motion for smoothing brush movement)
- canvas now independent from windowsize, but window resize is not yet hooked up!
- New resolution now does not have to destroy and create windows anymore
- New resolution is not hooked to [Shift]+[F2] and comes with a confirm requester including a "Reset Defaults" requester.
- Fluidity parameter is now exponential
- Colorwheel has now expanded muted color range
- Pressure sensitivity is slightly reworked
- this all could've been like 5 versions at least...way to save the alphabet! 8-)

Changes v0.99g:
- bristle max size parameter!
- bristle count and size will store with the currently selected brush. Currently only per session, so when you restart Verve it will be reset again. This will change!
- fluids perform solidly
- png 16bit saves RGB and is clamped to avoid negative values.
- interface cosmetics
- shader optimizations
- minor cleanups

Changes v0.99f:
- painting optimized and improved to keep material amount managable.
- New Brush parameter "BRISTLES" lets you control the amount of bristles on respective brushes
- minor cosmetics

Changes v0.99e:
- oops, fixed a silly 100% fluid hickup. :oops:
- added a tiny mouse movement filter on it. I may make this a parameter later on, maybe even just brush specific?! :|

Changes v0.99d:
- almost just cosmetic, the color wheel spectrum circle now stays at 100% brightness at all times and the pointer is a bit smaller now.
- layer mode switch button improved.

Changes v0.99b:
- unless anybody complains, I've changed the paint logic to compensate for new paint by secretly scraping away old material. This keeps the paint a bit more leveled as opposed to the constant bumping that somehow feels unnatural to me.

Changes v0.99:
- proper layer settings kept when copying layer
- layer button multi functions: add, copy [hold Shift], merge [hold Ctrl]

Changes v0.98b:
- altered the paint bumping a little to avoid the harsh lip right away.

Changes v0.98a:
- paint flow now stops as you don't move the brush
- zoom/pan reset additional shortcut through RMB (right mouse button) while zooming or panning.

Changes v0.98:
- copy layer (above/below). Hold down [Shift] on the layer interface "add" buttons to copy the layer into a new layer.

Changes v0.97:
- perspective grid prototype added
- Fill is now [Shift]+[F]

Changes v0.96:
- layer handling is a little different now. Hide/Unhide went on my nerves, so now instead of the "delete" button, it's now Visibility toggle without selecting that layer. Moving the layer out of the window is now delete!
- further reworking of the Average feature, which now works properly with fluids as well.
- added "Blending" feature to brushes, which dials in a permanent "average" blending for all paint and smudge actions. (I love it!)

Changes v0.95:
- averaging totally reworked!

Changes v0.94:
- [F] to fill canvas with current color at current opacity
- speeding up fluids a little depending on amount of fluidity
- 0% fluidity no longer pushes paint during painting
- tweaking parameters
- [V] toggles "translate (move) layer" (currently still destructive off canvas!)

Changes v0.91:
- zooming now generates mipmaps when zooming out for smoother displaying, but zooming in keeps pixels without interpolation for more accurate viewing. I do like it, but could make it an option for those, who don't!

Changes v0.9:
- fixes from a few legacy issues lead to finer articulations of paint opacity, but also will alter the appearance of old projects. Let me know, if you want auto-conversion! (...nothing will be lost!)

Changes v0.89:
- fix for the first crash ever...just some sloppiness with the layers, but it's fine now.
- pressure based brush size improved!
- brush cross leaves more room in the center. I thought it was distracting a bit...

Changes v0.88:
- opacity for layers
- small adjustments and preparations for new brush system, but you won't know it, yet... it is coming! ;)

Changes v0.85:
- DRYING an experimental mode for the fluids that is quite radical a change. Once on your brush applies wetness with your paint that slowly dries. The color opacity controls pigment amount, so to say, but wetness remains the same. If you just want to add wetness, set opacity to zero and brush over your colors. It's actually quite exciting. I'll keep developing it, of course, but give it a try! :)

Changes v0.83:
- massive fluid dynamics improvement. No more ugly artifacts... just, eh, pretty ones? Nah, it's much nicer now!

Changes v0.81:
- adjusted some brush intensities and behavior

Changes v0.8:
- THE INTERFACE (prototype)
- most hotkeys have remained the same with the addition of layer material control via [Ctrl]+[cursor keys] and [Ctrl]+[Page up/down]
- PNG now saves at 16bits per pixel!
- fluid smudge and fluid sharpness and now separate parameters. Previously they were joined.
- Color Picker now has RGB dials and a Saturation dial. I might add a hue, too, but it felt a little bit redundant to me thus far.
- Dithering Option (on/off) exists now to get smooth gradients even at lowest rates of change in color across the screen.
- various improvements and additions under the hood.

Changes v0.62:
- fluid sharpness control, actually controlling how much incoming vectors are being distributed into the fluid vector field. [-] and [+] keys control it. I love having it on zero, as it makes very fine perturbations, but it makes everything act a bit tighter.
- color picker is yet again a little improved. You may or may not notice.

Changes v0.61:
- Exit confirmation requester
- small improvements to paint action. Stippling should now go without accidental slips.

Changes v0.6:
DO NOT GET SCARED, the new project file extension is *.vrv instead of *.ifp, but the old files still load just fine. Just select "All Files" in the file requester to see the old project files.

- Minimum Brush Size now adjustable! [Space]+[Shift] to adjust minimum brush size. Small reminder that [Space] is used to adjust the brush size freely.
- Auto mini cursor cross, when the brush size gets too small to see.

Changes V0.5:
Ok, this time it's really crazier!
Layer Paint properties "Glossiness", "Diffusion", "Metallic" are there. Since there is still no interface it gets a little wilder, of course.

[CONTROL] + [CURSOR up/down] adjusts glossiness
[CONTROL] + [CURSOR left/right] adjusts diffusion
[CONTROL] + [PAGEUP/PAGEDOWN] adjusts metallic

You can do an over all adjustment of all layers, relative to their settings by using [CONTROL]+[SHIFT] on all of the above.
Here to help! :D
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Re: Download Verve(v0.99v.1)

I'm a little torn about it, but I decided to just post my old update Verve v0.99v.1.

It's completely a laboratory version, full of strange little experiments and interface stuff all over the place,'s Christmas and there are plenty of gifts in it!
I will not update the INFO just, yet, but I'll write a tiny documentation here for the most important stuff...

BRUSH IMAGES (image brush)

Currently brush images are just experimental and work with brush #9 and #0.
Brush images are like animation frames. You can keep adding images and they will playback as you paint. There is no management for them, yet, but you can save and load your brush image sequences already!
Please, be patient and careful when you operate the hotkeys, not because there's any problem with it, but because it's a little weird. There are no indicators for modes or any stuff that one should expect, yet, so it's all very, very "garage" or "laboratory"...but still enjoyable, hehe, you may see!? ;)

  • [i] to add new brush image. It opens a little rectangular selector. More on that one further down!
  • [Shift]+[i] to delete all images, when [i] was not active. When [i] is active then it deletes only the previous image. [don't ask, I wasn't done, yet!] :shrug:
  • [Ctrl]+[i] switches between blending modes when using Average with images. Standard mode has Average act as normally, Color Pick mode samples the color in the center of the brush and paints the complete image tinted by that color!
  • Brush #9 with images... well, you'll see, it will just paint with the image spread across the bristles. (Crazy fun, if you know what you're doing!)
  • Brush #0 only works with images. If there is no image, it will not draw anything!!! The little brush interface dials will do very specific things to this brush. Go explore, hehe! I'll explain more later, I promise!
TIP: Paint your images in WHITE, because later the color you choose only TINTS the image. If you take a brush image in black, for example, it would never change color!
...for those, of you, who remember: [x] toggles a secondary color buffer, which defaults to white! :geek:

Mask mode now actually masks the image.
  • [q] toggles mask active status without changing the mask.
  • [shift]+[q] picks up the current layer's paint as mask.
  • [ctrl]+[q] toggles the mask mode on/off
  • [ctrl]+[shift]+[q] inverts the mask

I'm sure, I've got a lot more than just that, but I can't remember right now, I'm a bit in a rush... last minute Christmas shopping and all. But, well, I couldn't resist to finally post at least something for you, because I really felt bad for almost this whole year...
...I will see, if I can bring my new file saving stuff into this version later tonight, if I find a moment, but for now this still has all the old stuff, I think, except the new brush format, of course. Have a go!

In that spirit and loads of Love,
Here to help! :D
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Re: Download Verve(v0.99v.12)

Sohoho, here's Verve v0.99v.12!
I've fixed an age-old layer crash, I'm pretty sure! :? 8-)
But the real fun part are the new color swatches!!! (Finally - sigh)
I've tried to make them as intuitive and pleasant as possible during working, but it will take some getting used to as everything new does.
[Shift]+[c] brings them up where your mouse is at. [c] still brings up the color wheel, which you might want to have up, too, while playing around with the swatches for the first time! :geek:

You will see a starting row of round buttons, which actually represent lists of swatches. You may add as many of them as you like.
Underneath you see the first swatch.
[Ctrl]+[LMB] allows to add new swatches next or below an existing swatch.
[Ctrl]+[LMB] on a swatch drops the current color into the swatch.
[LMB] only will pick the color up. This should allow very fluent working with those swatches.
[Ctrl]+[RMB] will delete a swatch.

Holding down [Alt] while on the swatch list buttons will allow you to move the whole thing around, too. [Alt] will later on play a very important role, too...

For now that's all, but there's more to come. Thankfully the format I've created for them should already be perfect enough to allow for what's to come next. It only takes a bit more work, but I just couldn't hold back any longer.

Those swatches save with your .vrv project files, but you can also save them alone as .vrc (YES, yes, yes, borhani had made a joke about that early on, and it's actually happening. Considering that eventually there will come color pallets, too, which may well become .vrp, hahaha... :oops: :P)

Anyhow, oh, the new brush images GUI has these magical buttons now.
[use] is a toggle for brush #9's use of images or not. While painting brush images it's quite annoying, when brush #9 suddenly acts different while painting a second brush might know already. SO WATCH OUT FOR THAT TOGGLE!!! Because it may also confuse you, if the image doesn't show while painting with brush #9, but it's simply not turned on! :idea:
OH, I totally forgot the coolness of the other new buttons, hahaha, "features" that is.
[col] is actually a switch to use or ignore the actual colors of the brush images. Turn it off to only use the material (like alpha), or turn it on to have your current color tinted by the colors of the brush images.
The new sequence feature [rn] I've introduced in the last version
Ah, the only other additional button up there is this tiny [i], which is exactly what [i] is... just in case you don't want to hit the key, you can click on that button! ;)
Here to help! :D
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Re: Download Verve(v0.99v.15)

v0.99v.15 is up!
Loads of stuff that's new and improved...check changes up there! :ugeek:
I still had some more things planned for this release, but I figured it's ok, if I give you this version already. Still a few things I want to think about, but my next goal is to make brush images more convenient as well as getting some more brushes involved! :)
Oh, and improving the canvas texture section is another big thing. Not only will I enable saving of layer based textures, but also create some proper handling of it all! :oops:
Here to help! :D
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Re: Download Verve(v0.99v.15)

BIG fluid fix for many cards that had problems with the latest versions. And problems nobody ever realized for many versions before then!
Chroma smudge should now act properly those, too!
(Still no luck for really old cards, though, so don't misunderstand my excitement!) :geek:
Here to help! :D
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Re: Download Verve(v0.99v.16)

V0.99v.16 is up!
vrv file format climbs to version 17 with proper canvas texture saving and loading.
[Ctrl]+[Shift]+[p] now snapshots the current layer's material as canvas texture. It will get saved and loaded with the project now! :bounce:
[Ctrl]+[p] still toggles through the modes, but now fearlessly so! 8-)
Here to help! :D
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Re: Verve(v0.99v.17)

V0.99v.17 is up!
I'm really daring to put the link up again, hoping that it will be gracefully accepted by our web crawling "protectors" out there. If not I will have to resume asking you to contact me personally, which I do actually enjoy quite a bit! You're all welcome to email me anytime! :ob

News for this- by now- "old" version are sparse and nothing too exciting for you, yet, though I have been excited about it and still am to resume my work on this stuff. Lasso Masking and actually image processing, which currently only looks like a bland histogram. It will get pretty wild, though! 8-)
Lasso does work, but it's only in there rudimentary. It will create a mask image, like any ordinary mask you already know, except with a harsh border, hahaha. Feathering and such will come later and proper implementation as well.
Here to help! :D
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Re: Verve(v0.99v.20)

Version v0.99v.21 is up!
Fluid Behavior to Canvas Texture is extended naturally. It's a possibly subtle change, but it extends the effect of the canvas texture onto the fluids as material builds up on it. Result: Even if the paint fully covers the texture, the texture still has a notable effect on the fluids up until a certain amount of paint.
Thank you, Zeropainter, for reminding me! :ob

Also, I just leave the file as ZIP, because the "anti" virus protection mafia doesn't care what kind of file I offer to you, it simply declares it a virus, no matter what. So...back to zip we are! :shrug:
Here to help! :D
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Re: Verve(v0.99v.22)

v0.99v.22 is up!
Negative Glossiness acts like in earlier versions (prior to v0.99v.20) again, but turn "DIFFUSION" negative to get the new behavior action negative glossiness/negative specular highlights!
I made it this "weird", because then old settings should load as they did before! (I hope!) :geek:
Here to help! :D
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Re: DOWNLOAD VERVE (v0.99v.23)

Here's a highly experimental version, adding recording and replay of your paint actions. It only records a limited amount of parameters, so beware!
[u] start and stop recording (see red flashing square in upper left corner of the window!)
[shift]+[u] playback recording.
Parameter it records:
  • fluidity, fluid sharpness, fluid smudge, fluid drying, fluid drying speed, fluid curl
  • paint color
  • paint mode
  • brush buildup
  • brush size
  • pen pressure modes
  • brush angle fix

You can't, yet, save of load those recordings. This is all still to come, though!

Since virtually all brushes use randomness and the seeding will not be recorded, results will always vary! This is cool and not so cool, depending on what you're trying to achieve, of course!
There is still a lot left to be worked out, but it's a fun little introduction of the idea, I figured worth sharing! :)

OH, I almost forgot to mention: If you hold down [ctrl] during playback, the center of the recording will follow your pointer! :P (It's just a gimmick at this point, but it will get cool, I promise! 8-) )
Here to help! :D
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