Peace luv n hugs

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Peace luv n hugs

Peace luv and hugs to all
Whatever you happen to be celebrating!
Thank you for your generosity and all the beauty you bring into the world Taron! All the best to you and your family.
Zoooom zoooom zoom into the new year!
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Re: Peace luv n hugs

Thank you, Stavros, all the same to you, too! I wished I could still feel Christmas, but yet haven't managed to revive that sensation or arrive at a new one of equal or similar festive spirit.
But I am happy for all of those families, who can enjoy a wonderful time around the Christmas tree, feast together, sing together, all that sort of stuff.
After all, regardless what we call these days, the sun is rising again on a new year, having completed yet another cycle and we've celebrated those days likely since the first of our kind. :)

Merry Christmas! If anybody feels offended by that, I have no intention of apologizing for the name of ancient festivities that are about love and are celebrated by billions. ;)
Here to help! :D
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Re: Peace luv n hugs

And nobody did comment my xmas (bearhunting) arwtork - wish you a nice xmas too and a happy new year :beer:
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