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Re: Got Unique Drivers Here

I have a new computer, and it still doesn't work! I was thinking about this the other day. Since Krita has no problem perfectly reading the input of my tablet, when it comes to pressure or tilt, wouldn't the information that drives that be included in their source code? Or is this just further proof that I know nothing at all about this? I don't know if it's uncouth for me to speculate about digging in to another painting program on here, but isn't this why things are made "free and open source" so that adoptions/alteration can be made? This is easily my painting program of choice, since it looks so natural, but it feels unnatural to try to use it without pen pressure. It should be a niggling little thing, but it bothers me a lot. I know again it could be asking too much even if it's feasible, but theoretically it would open up Verve to other users who might have had the same issue. :shrug:
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Re: Got Unique Drivers Here

Well, Verve is still written in BlitzMax, which needs "mods" and can't just hook into any C libraries. Thus, even if I were to try and dig into Krita's source, it would not help.
Why your tablet doesn't work with Verve remains a mystery to me. :shrug:
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