Verve speed on TabletPC /drawing Tablet with screen ?

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Verve speed on TabletPC /drawing Tablet with screen ?

Hey Guys, wanted to ask if someone tried Verve on their Tablet PC or Tablet with screen and stylus so you can paint like on Wacoms ?
I have Fujitsu T902 i5 , its dualcore with intel4000 , one of the most powerful and cheap ones from previous generation with full voltage CPU unlike Intel Atom ones and Verve works quite nice on it but im interested how it works on other Tablets , is it fast or slows down ? New Tablets with similat CPU power are 4 times as expensive and im curious how they work and cheaper ones work with Verve on Windows.
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Re: Verve speed on TabletPC /drawing Tablet with screen ?

Me, too, I'm very curious! :)
Here to help! :D
System Info: NVidia Gforce GTX 970, 2x 8core Xeon (2.67 Ghz), Windows 7

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