synchronize verve to music

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synchronize verve to music

Hallo all together,

is it possible to synchronize verve to music produced by a synthi.
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Re: synchronize verve to music

Hi Rudl,
of course you can try to perform manually to music. I think it was for that reason that I added the cursor hiding [Shift]+[Tab] (I think?!) so that you could record it or project it in action.
However, I was planning to one day add a more complex recording feature than there already is. This would allow you to edit motion in a timeline, which then would allow synced performances, of course. This would also ask for rendering out image sequences, which brings up another thing I've always wanted to try, but never did, and that's to record and export movie clips (mp4). Could be so fun.

Anyway, thanks for the question and feel free to describe in more detail what you were thinking of! :ob
Here to help! :D
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