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Re: pudjakjuzto2

I am happy that every eye will find some other explanation and every brain can process it differently.
Unfortunately, or fortunately - is not the end yet, especially that some of people can see there two phallic shapes - that's why I have to change it (one of these shapes is arm with hand, the second is the shape of the leg).
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Re: pudjakjuzto2

Thank you for posting these Pud - your style is very refreshing, and a constant reminder that Verve can be used in ways I would *never* have imagined. This one makes me imagine the later 1800's; forging steel but still in an all wooden building.. leather crafters wait down the creek to supplement finished pieces. At the same time there's a very futuristic feeling about it. the right side makes me glad people were wrong when they said aircraft are heavier than air and therefore would never fly lol... but have your lasers at the ready. I'm here in Alaska, USA, and when I zoom way in on the lower left of this piece I also see reflections of traditional Alaska native culture.

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Re: pudjakjuzto2

I agree with Taron,
a sort of neural pattern art,
and I think it has been mentioned here before, or perhaps not, but it also looks like moire patterns,
like when you google "moire animals", a sort of moire effect through computational fluids dynamics churning out those sort of turbulence engine circuits.
PD: please a bit higher resolution.
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Re: pudjakjuzto2

Perfect pieces for test your pareodolia level! :ob
Is beautiful that please without concept!
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