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Re: Intars' gallery

I guess i will have to, then, challenge myself with brush 6 as well, Taron.
He hee - so 'penga' did received his attention to himself after all, eeh.. :ud: To be open - at first drawing was started as an idea to draw yellowish table surface with just some
funny objects on it - just for the sake of drawing something and practice. How the table turned into dunes and when penguin stepped in... you know how it is with great tool verve.
Thanks for comments.

In a days i will bring (once i finish to my liking) one more new piece. Something about computers.
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Re: Intars' gallery

Looking forward to it! :)
Here to help! :D
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Re: Intars' gallery

I like your painting ... makes me want to go to the beach! Also exicited to see what you will show us painted with Brush #6 ... now you made me currious will def. check out Brush #6 as well!

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