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Monochrome Experiments

I'm experimenting with setting a light and dark color, which you can switch between with the 'X' key.

Is there a fast keyboard shortcut for switching colors in a palette?
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Re: Monochrome Experiments

Isn't that wonderful how depth can be created in verve just with some few strokes??
Nice ones!!

ABout your question.

SHIFT+c will bring color swatches to your canvas.

They are not documented in the manual, just in the download section....

- [Shift]+[c] brings up COLOR SWATCHES!
- holding down [N] now cycles through the swatches very fast (like western reading: left to right, top to bottom). Having only one swatch in a list will use random colors as before!
This could have been an option with a palette and two colors only, but holding 'n' runs through like a strobe. No controlled selection possible.
[Ctrl]+[LMB] allows to add new swatches next or below an existing swatch.
[Ctrl]+[LMB] on a swatch drops the current color into the swatch.
[LMB] only will pick the color up. This should allow very fluent working with those swatches.
[Ctrl]+[RMB] will delete a swatch.
- color swatch lists can now get removed. Hit [ctrl]+[RMB] on list button to remove it!
- color swatches scale by holding [Ctrl] and corner handle
- color swatch lists can now get removed. Hit [ctrl]+[RMB] on list button to remove it!

Another option.
You can press 'c' and the color wheel will appear right below your pen as another option.

Keep it coming!!
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Re: Monochrome Experiments

Thanks, Knacki, for posting the info! Yeah...I really never made an official release of v17. :oops:
Very nice experiments, TG! Good to see you back! :beer:
Here to help! :D
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