Darkshade's doodles will be in here :D

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Re: Darkshade's doodles will be in here :D

Very ominous indeed! :o :D ...yes, once you get into that, there's a whole different dimension to explore even as it is now. I was thinking about adding some more tools to have fun with it that way, but I didn't want to get carried away into 2.5d. It's fun, though! c:!
Here to help! :D
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Re: Darkshade's doodles will be in here :D

I think the last page came out great. Nice studies and the last critter is coming out well. If you do 3d you can also use that as a face texture in 3d :ob c:!
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Re: Darkshade's doodles will be in here :D

Hehe nice bas-relief sculpture demon ;)
I think you can export such verve sculpture and play with it in blender or else. This has been mentioned somewhere in forum :geek:
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Re: Darkshade's doodles will be in here :D

Cool, sort of spiritual, sort of sinister
there is one that looks like a hive, or like a dome, what is it?
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Re: Darkshade's doodles will be in here :D

Yikes, over a month since I visited here. Thx for your comments and I'm sorry for late replies. Yeah, I do a little 3d, I had actually recently just got back to it again.
Just as I had refreshed / relearned my 3d / Blender skills, gaming and exploring more into music has been keeping me busy though so no painting or 3d work done.

@eduardobedoya not quite sure which one you are refering to

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