Sketches and Exploration of Tools

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Re: Sketches and Exploration of Tools

though if I remember correctly, there was a move tool but it kinda blended the whole material when using it, am I right Taron?
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Re: Sketches and Exploration of Tools

Nice, a very strong style!
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Re: Sketches and Exploration of Tools

Thank you to everyone.

Taron, I was showing this program to someone: he asked if you programmed in Emacs (emax? Said out loud, didn't get the spelling). Was curious if this may have informed your UI. I am not a programmer and did not understand his question.

Have been showing Verve to a few people. Mostly artists (1:1 stream Discord).
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Re: Sketches and Exploration of Tools

I believe Verve was developped in Basic BlitzMax ;)
Is beautiful that please without concept!
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Re: Sketches and Exploration of Tools

AH, I think he might have said "BMax", which is short for BlitzMax. The answer would be: Yes!
Still a beautiful language, but it's sort of "dead", in a way. Since most of Verve is hardware, meaning it's in openGL - GLSL, the actual GUI matters and file I/O is fairly trivial. That's the reason for why I'm still thinking of bringing Verve to either C++ or possibly even Node.js, if I get a handle on the latter. I'm looking for the most crossplatform friendly environment, of course.

THANK YOU, by the way, for showing Verve around, that's wonderful! :beer: :hug:
Here to help! :D
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