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Re: dba's doodles on Verve

Thanks Pai

extract from the manual :
:!: [Shift] + [F2] turns on Adjust Canvas Area. Hit [Shift]+[F2] again to confirm the changes! Hit [F2] alone to cancel the changes!
:!: - Grab the corners with [LMB] to adjust the crop area freely and [RMB] to keep proportions!
:!: - Grab the edges to just adjust the chosen edge!
:!: - Hold [Alt] to adjust crop area symmetrical around original canvas center!
:!: - Grab inside the crop area to move the whole crop area!
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Re: dba's doodles on Verve

This thread was super-fun to dig through. Sadly, again, seems like another (understandable) 'victim' of time on internet-landscape. dba's presented verve-drawings were so unique.
I think any verve-painter could get something, some impulses to do their magic in verve once they would took careful look at this thread's verve-paintings. That hazy forest painting
was something special :o !

8 years since last post, which on internet means something in close approximation to zero % probabilities that we might hear from this channel again, i guess. If an artist would gift
this forum with at least one special painting in one-two years - that would already be great addition to this rich, small, secret forum. Sad to see this thread ending abruptly on page 6 :( ...
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Re: dba's doodles on Verve

Oh yes, dba was fantastic! Such fond memories. I hope he's still active somewhere, such a talent. If so, I really hope he'll stumble across what I'll release next and will feel inspired by it again!
Here to help! :D
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