Everlasting Verve tricks thread

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Image Brush Part 4 - Image Brush Menu

Image Brush Part 4 - Image Brush Menu

This picture tries to explain the image brush menu, as far I know it.
ImageBrush_menu2.jpg (161.09 KiB) Viewed 15288 times

Ready made image brushes
To play around with some ready made image brushes, you may want to go to this thread and download some image brushes, unfortunately hidden in the forum nirvana:

I really do hope this is a help to explore the fantastic features of the image brushes. Even though it's far from finished, it already shows how much power taron put into this.

The explanation from taron's manual with hotkeys to complete this collection:

BRUSH IMAGES (image brush)
Currently brush images are just experimental and work with brush #9 and #0.
Brush images are like animation frames. You can keep adding images and they will playback as you paint. There is no management for them, yet, but you can save and load your brush image sequences already!
Please, be patient and careful when you operate the hotkeys, not because there's any problem with it, but because it's a little weird. There are no indicators for modes or any stuff that one should expect, yet, so it's all very, very "garage" or "laboratory"...but still enjoyable, hehe, you may see!? ;)

[i] to add new brush image and toggle on brush image edit. It opens a little rectangular selector. More on that one further down!
[Ctrl]+[Shift]+[i] toggles color mode, either using the original colors of the images, tinted by current color, or only use current color, ignoring image colors.

brush image edit ACTIVE:

[Shift]+[i] deletes only the previous image. [don't ask, I wasn't done, yet!] :shrug:
[Ctrl]+[i] paste currently active brush image. [all just remains of my tests] :geek:
[j] toggles perspective transformation on/off, approximating the perspective of the image taken as suggested by your selector rectangle.
Hoover over an image and CTRL+LMB click to delete exact this picture

brush image edit OFF:

[Shift]+[i] to delete all images. [all still temporary] :?
[Ctrl]+[i] toggles paint modes. When ON it will use the color and material of the image. When OFF it will flatten the material. Using Average when OFF works like standard Average blending. When ON Average samples the color in the center of the brush and paints the complete image tinted by that color!

brushes that use images:

Brush #9 with images... well, you'll see, it will just paint with the image spread across the bristles. (Crazy fun, if you know what you're doing!)
Brush #0 only works with images. If there is no image, it will not draw anything!!! The little brush interface dials will do very specific things to this brush. Go explore, hehe! I'll explain more later, I promise!
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Re: Everlasting Verve tricks thread

p - "really no idea" :hihi: ...that's the PERSPECTIVE CORRECTION feature. If your image capture frame is skewed, turning [p] on will try to assume the perspective it has and straighten out the content of the frame.
For example, take a picture of a house or a cityscape and fit the frame around one side of the building that is nicely in perspective. Then toggle p on and off and see what happens to the preview.
While you currently can only change this when you snap the image and once you snap a new image, you can't turn [p] off on the old one. BUT this is actually only a GUI access shortcoming, because in reality you can always change it as the original data is stored. So...yeah... anyway!
Try it out, it's pretty amazing! I've created this routine almost as a challenge to photoshop, hahaha! :ugeek: :P
Here to help! :D
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Re: Everlasting Verve tricks thread

Very cool tipps - thank you Knacki - good for making multicolored fur e.g. ;) - I need it for my next illustration - for my wolves.
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Image Brush Perspective correction

Here is an example on how perspective correction in image brush works:

PerspectiveCo.JPG (111.06 KiB) Viewed 15288 times
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Image Brush for palette painting

In this case the color was in focus of interest to work with brush #9.

ColorStroke3.JPG (120.78 KiB) Viewed 15288 times

Haha, I remembered Bob Ross doing something like the tree shading - well but better.
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Transparency from alpha

Verve_Text.jpg (135.68 KiB) Viewed 14945 times

To make this effects I used transparency from alpha:

I made the text in PS.
Saved as png with transparency.
Load this in verve.
Hit SHIFT+q for transparency mask.
Hit CTRL+SHIFT+q to invert mask.
Made some metal style settings in a new layer.
Painted over in grey and yellow-beige for silver and gold.
CTRL+s for saving active layer with transparency as png.
Load in PS again and put some layer drop shadows and all additional stuff as this is just a part.
Background is some simple brush #5 fun.

A4 png was accepted by verve with 3508x2480
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Re: Everlasting Verve tricks thread

Or "PS is silver, Verve is gold" :)

Very useful, Knacki! And it is always good to recollect some hotkeys..

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Re: Everlasting Verve tricks thread

Really powerful thread, Knacki! That needs some time till I try and learn all of this magic tricks. Thank you for that!
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Wacom On-Screen control & Pop up menu

Working with verve, the situation looks often like this:
One screen for painting, one for reference and one to open the manual for shortcuts or using the cheat sheet.

pud showed a nice alternative working together with wacom properties.
On screen control enables you to define your own buttons, or radial menu.
Pop up menu lets you open a self defined list, right under your curser.

I find both very useful but I am at the very beginning of working with it.
Actually it looks like this:
WacomPopUp.jpg (183.89 KiB) Viewed 14523 times

On the left the buttons, On the right the pop up menu, which is even more interesting to me ;)
Due to some stroke jitter in PS, I am using an old wacom driver 6.3.15-3 which only allows max to 8 buttons in one menu.
But pop up menu is unlimited.
Finally it will look like that the buttons will be for quick access for often used features and the pop up menu as an executable shortcut list. ;) :bounce:
When I am done, I only have to look in the pop up menu to see all important shortcuts. To get used to the shortcuts, I wrote them in the description as well ;)

Manual On Screen Controls:

Didn't find a manual for pop up menu, but it's easy.

I made a mistake and wrote all the pop up shortcuts into the "other applications" menu :(
I found a way to move the complete block to verve painter by following those steps:
The preferences file has quite a few settings that are fairly straight-forward, but it may take some trial and error to figure out, if it is even possible.
Assuming you are on a Windows-based machine, kill the Wacom service, and open (C:\Users\Yourname\AppData\Roaming\WTablet\wacom_tablet.dat) in a text editor. I suggest saving a backup copy of the original. Save your changes and restart the Wacom service. The changes made to the configuration should take effect upon restarting the service.

Have fun!
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Re: Everlasting Verve tricks thread

EDIT: I finally made it to my likeness and uploaded the new picture and text file ;)

Pop Up menu as executable shortcut list is almost ready.

WacomPopUp3.jpg (241.45 KiB) Viewed 14515 times

Find attached all you need to edit your Wacom_Edit.dat you can find in (C:\Users\Yourname\AppData\Roaming\WTablet\wacom_tablet.dat) to get this as well.
I can't guarantee anything as I am using the old wacom 6.3.15-3 driver, but it should work.
I used free sublime text to edit the dat file. Much more easy! I accidently made the pop up menu for all Apps and it was the only way to copy all from there to verve specific chapter.
-I would recommand to do one pop up menu entry for verve before trying to edit the dat.Give it a specific name you would easily find with STRG+F for search. Something like Pinkfrog or other stupid words.
-Make a copy of the dat file as backup and save your wacom settings with the preference utility..can't harm.
-Stop the wacom service.
-Go to C:\Users\Yourname\AppData\Roaming\WTablet\wacom_tablet.dat
-Open dat with sublime (or anything you prefer)
-unzip attached txt document and copy all.
-go to your entry with the stupid name
-Compare it with my text to see what can be overwritten, and what need to stay there and paste my txt into your wacom dat.
-restart the service again and if everything went fine you will have same executable shortcut list.
-you need to assign one express key to open the pop up menu.

Me, I discovered some shortcuts completely forgotten, like toggle color with (x) or (r) for bluring brush - and lots of others I normally always have to have a look in the info and manual page and in the development diary, as I always forget them.
This is a WIP.
(1.14 KiB) Downloaded 561 times
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