Astonished video by Ian Hubert!

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Astonished video by Ian Hubert!


Is beautiful that please without concept!
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Re: Astonished video by Ian Hubert!

That's what a new version of Blade Runner should've looked like, I think!
I'm very tired of all those projections of a dreadful future, humanity would be going for. I mean, sure, if the remaining, truly thinking people get silenced and only those, who believe all this crap, remain, well...then maybe they will let something like this happen to them, who knows. But if there are any souls left on Earth, stuff like that will one day be looked back at a sad, delusional phase of mankind, obedient to a system that subdued them by having bombarded all with just such "visions".
Any truly innovative and responsible artist would work on figuring out how to project a society in a world, created and run by its ideals and not the excrement of its oppressors.
Here to help! :D
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