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Re: FJGC - Digital Paintings

Tragic topic, beautiful painting. As long as this doesn't let us slide into a political debate, I'm totally fine with having such masterpieces here, of course. :geek: ...but even if it does, as long as we move the debate to the off-topic threads, it's kind of alright. Art is a fantastic and a very powerful way to communicate ideas, but there are topics, which demand a greater understanding and go beyond immediate emotional connections, which are by nature the major inspiration of art. To rise above the immediate sensation and consider the true cause of a problem is a highly philosophical endeavor by the time you've arrived at the most relevant perspective on a situation. Only from there you can recognize the layers of propaganda that ended up fueling the system, provoking the whole trouble there.
You have such a powerful style and all the talent it takes to visualize revelations. I would love to see where it would take you, if you were to rise through all the madness and saw what truly created the basis for all this hardship. (hint: it's neither names nor politics you'd hear of!)
All that aside, once more, what an amazing artist you are, Francisco! You make me very, very proud! :hug:
Here to help! :D
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