Trivial question about fluids

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Trivial question about fluids

I have this free one on an Androids Tablett - i can make 10 start of differents fluids in the same time under my 10 fingers!

Can we make the same on a "Touch screen" (that i have not for try) of a normal computer with Verve ?

Is beautiful that please without concept!
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Re: Trivial question about fluids

I assume you are asking about multi-touch, using all 10 fingers to create fluid brushes? Yes, I have just answered that question a few days ago, I think. I have done it already and can hook it up again at some point. I just wanted to think of a nice application for it so that it makes more actual sense for that. It's fun, but artistically not very useful, I found. But, hey... does it always have to be? :hihi:
Here to help! :D
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